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Oh My God Those Creamed Nettles Are Amazing!


Creamed nettles are one of my pet specialities. I’ve been eating this dish regularly for the last 3 years when I chanced upon the idea while staring at a rather nice gammon steak one Winters day. Now before anyone starts whining at me for posting a nettle recipe in June… [Read more…]

Sauteed Hogweed Leaf Stalks With Nettles & Wild Garlic

Hogweed Recipe
The young hogweed leaf stalks and nettle tips are at their peak at the moment with regards the freshest, youngest greens. Hogweed is a plant that I have a lot of respect for, it is one of the true gourmet wild edibles, and it is well worth spending the time learning how to identify hogweed. [Read more…]

Wild Garlic, Nettle & Bittercress Pesto

Something to the quality of Land changes when the first shoots of Wild Garlic start sprouting forth. To the novice in the very early stages they can appear indistinguishable from the poisonous Lords and Ladies, also known as Cuckoo-pint…. [Read more…]

Nettle & Chorizo Tapas

Nettle Tapas Recipe

I always encourage folks to create simple, tapas style dishes when creating wild food recipes. Here’s a Stinging Nettle recipe I came up with the other day that worked a treat. [Read more…]

Stinging Nettle Tarte Tatin

This Nettle Tarte Tatin recipe is best served warm and provides an original and tasty way to use up the glut of courgettes and tomatoes in late summer/early autumn. [Read more…]

Nettle Noodle Soup

This Nettle Soup recipe is not set in stone and is a great way of using up leftovers lurking in the fridge. It offers a really easy lunch and brightens up one of those wild windy autumn or winter days with heat and earthy goodness. Another plus side, it is ready in 10 minutes and only uses one pan. [Read more…]

1930’s Nettle Beer Recipe


The following Nettle Beer recipe was created by Maude Grieve back in the 1930’s. Maude was a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as an extremely respected herbalist with an encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants.

During the First World War she wrote and published pamphlets on the cultivation and uses of herbal medicines. It is these pamphlets that went to make up her Magnum Opus “A Modern Herbal”. It is from her book that this Nettle Beer recipe comes from. [Read more…]