Eatweeds Wild Food Foraging Newsletter Issue #51

Well Spring is in the air, the usual dance of warm day/cold day is still in play. The flowers of many trees and shrubs are blooming and now is the time to start making some exquisite, sensual floral vinegars. One of my favourites is Magnolia Flower Vinegar.

You can make it in about 30 minutes, and the transformation that occurs from clear white rice wine vinegar to a crimson red with an exotic taste, and a multitude of smells, all within 24 hours is something to experience.

Ask The Forager – Ian Burrows Author Of Food From The Wild

I’m up in Norfolk over Christmas, and I have managed to grab some time to film an interview with Ian Burrows author of the best selling wild food book ‘Food From The Wild’.

This time I want to do something different, I want you to tell me the questions that you’d like Ian to answer. It can be anything about foraging and wild edible plants, so don’t be shy ask your question now by clicking here.

Food For Free Feast

Mark Boyle founder of ‘The Freeconomy Community’ is organising a ‘Food for Free Feast’ starting at 4.30pm on Saturday 29th Nov in Bristol. The feast will be served around 4.30pm in Café Midnimo, 163 Ashley Rd, St. Paul’s, Bristol BS6 5NX.

A sumptuous feast cooked by people such as forager Fergus Drennan, star of the hit BBC series ‘Roadkill Chef’ and Dave and Andy Hamilton, the authors of ‘The Self-Sufficientish Bible’.

The feast will be made completely from foraged, skipped and donated food, cooked and organised by volunteers. It is free for everyone.

Protected Wild Plants

One of the off-shoots of eating wild food plants is the appreciation that comes for all the wild plants that cross your path on your foraging journey.

Needless to say, you are not by law allowed to pick every plant that you find. For a complete list of protected plants as listed under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, click here.