Sea Arrowgrass & Lemon Soup


I’ve recently got into blending whole lemons with a banana and necking the lot. You might be forgiven for thinking that it must taste exceptionally sharp, but it doesn’t. No really, try it, its delicious. So while I was crafting this sea arrowgrass recipe, I decided to throw in a whole lemon just to see what would happen, and ‘my oh my’ am I glad I did.

I am now sold on this sea arrowgrass recipe, and its become a bit of a household favourite. It’s just such a pity that sea arrowgrass has such a short life before becoming spiky, which is how I assume it gets the ‘arrowgrass’ bit of its name. Be prepared for a cuisineairian delight.

Sugar Free Wild Cherry Nectar


The wild cherries are literally dripping from the trees this year. As I gather armfuls of them to concoct into this delicious Sobriety Drink the juice streamed down my arms to the point that I had to change my shirt. Next time I’ll gather naked, which will bring a whole new meaning to ‘wild and free’.

Rose Petal Honey


I’m in love with roses at the moment. I just can’t contain myself. I’m sniffing as many as I can, creating rose flavoured concoctions that would have angels sighing with delight, and if I could, I’d wear them as well. I’m also avoiding sugar and wanted to create a recipe that mimicked the Ayurvedic tonic Gulkand which uses rose petals and sugar.

Smashing Glasswort Guacamole


I don’t like using electrical kitchen equipment at the best of times. Far too much washing up for one thing, so having just purchased a rather large pestle and mortar (influenced by my recent visit to Laos), the kind that would have made Jesus’s task of feeding the five thousand a whole lot easier, I decided to try it out on this Marsh samphire recipe.

Mugwort & Mushroom Soup


Recently I was chatting to one of my newsletter subscribers from across the pond, who pointed me to a video about a Chinese women who was foraging Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), she mentioned she used it in a mushroom soup recipe, and that was it. So I decided to try and make the soup, and this is the result. I have to say it turned out a treat.

Aubergine And Avocado Bake With Ribwort Plantain

I’ve landed in a city for the first time in many years, and I’m finding it pretty hard to adapt since leaving the countryside. To deal with this newness I’ve been seeking out “sanctuary spots”, places where humans rarely go or leave their mark, and if they do it is with reverence rather than the insane madness of perpetual shopping and the rushing here and there that city folk seem to get caught up in.