Healing Power of Plantain


In this short video I talk about the folk use of Plantain, and in this instance Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata). The same information applies to Greater Plantain (Plantago major), however I do not know if it applies to Buckshorn Plantain (Plantago coronopus) or Sea Plantain (Plantago maritima).

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In Memory of Frank Cook 1963-2009

I am deeply saddened by the news that Frank Cook (plant teacher and herbalist) died on Wednesday, 19th August 2009.

I met Frank Cook while filming him in September 2008, that meeting and numerous email exchanges had a life-changing impact on me. His gentleness and depth of plant knowledge was truly inspiring, and it was via these e-mails that he always encouraged me through EatWeeds to spread the plant knowledge.

Here are some parting words of wisdom from this gentle, peaceful plant teacher. [Read more…]

A Passion For Wild Food


For 40 years Simone has been passionate about wild food. Zillah and I went to visit her at her home in Calstock, Cornwall, where she prepared a most delicious wild food meal. In this video she talks about her wild food passion, and why it is important to her.