Dandelion Flower Vinegar

The dandelions are all bright and beautiful at the moment. Perfect, I thought for making a dandelion flower vinegar. 


  • Dandelion flower heads
  • Cider vinegar
  • Jam jar with rubber sealed lid

And so jar in hand, I walked out down the lane from my house and gathered as many dandelion flower heads as I could fit comfortably into the jar.

I took them back to my house, and then poured 10 year old cider vinegar over them until they were submerged, then capped them and placed them in a shady place.

Really you should leave them for about 6 weeks, but I was already tucking into the vinegar within about 5 days. I like to taste the changes as the vinegar matures.

Makes: 1 jam jar


  1. Marylin says

    I made dandelion vinegar however it ended up with a scum or something on top of it. The vinegar below that area is clear with flower heads in it. Anyone know what the layer of scum is?

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