There are over 20,000 species of plants that have been recorded as edible, yet in our current society you'll be lucky to find more than 25 of them in your local supermarket!

Edible weeds are a great addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They are local, sustainable, and free so they help cut your food bill. Edible wild plants contain no packaging & no chemicals.

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Dandelion Vinegar Recipe

Nothing beats the delightful taste of wildcrafted dandelion vinegar, mixed in a salad dressing it really zings up your wild green salads. Make this dandelion vinegar recipe early in the Spring before the dandelions have started developing.


  • 1 large jar with lid
  • As many dandelions (root and leaves) as will fit in the jar
  • Organic cider vinegar

Suggested Instructions

  1. Thoroughly wash the dandelion leaves, and scrub the dandelion roots, then chop both into medium size pieces.
  2. Stuff a large jar with as much dandelion as you can get in or have to hand.
  3. Next simply pour cold organic cider vinegar until the dandelions are covered.
  4. Shake well, and leave in a cupboard for six weeks. You can leave it longer if you wish, then strain through an unbleached coffee filter into clean, sterilised jars.

Serves: Depends on the amount you make.

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