Dandelion Dressing Recipe on Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Dandelion Dressing Recipe

This makes for a wonderful Winter time Dandelion dressing recipe (Taraxacum spp.). Many assume that the best time to pick dandelion greens is in Spring (actually I find they have more bitterness then), but dandelion greens harvested in Autumn and Winter often have very low bitterness, even less than the chicory or radicchio that you’ll find in your grocers.

Fermented Dulse Recipe With Mooli

Fermented Dulse Recipe

This fermented dulse recipe makes for a delicious, tangy ferment. With fermented foods all the rage at the moment, there is good reason to start making them. They have the potential for improving your intestinal tract health, they enhance the immune system synthesising and enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients, as well as reducing symptoms of lactose intolerance, thereby helping to decrease the prevalence of allergy in susceptible individuals, and last but not least they have the potential to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Prince of Wales Ketchup Recipe

Prince of Wales Ketchup Recipe

If you love elderberries then the chances are you will have come across Pontack sauce. Pontack is a Worcestershire sauce mimic, yet few have heard about Prince of Wales Ketchup. I rooted around to find the original Prince of Wales Ketchup recipe and trace the history of it.

For years I had loved Mrs. Beeton for writing her ‘Book of Household Management’, that was until I discovered she had plagiarised her entire work by copying and pasting from earlier authors. Still that doesn’t detract from the fact there are some cracking recipes in it. But I was intrigued, who was the elusive creator of the Prince of Wales Ketchup recipe or Catsup as they used to call it in the 1800s.

Rosehip Soup Recipe With Roasted Chilli & Smoked Tofu

Rosehip Soup Recipe

Rosehips are in vast abundance this year. Gathering them I pondered what I might create outside the usual recipes like rosehip syrup, rosehip jelly etc.  In Sweden there is a traditional recipe for a rosehip soup that is made called Nyponsoppa. It is a cold desert fruit soup usually served with small almond macaroons.


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hops can be dangerous to your prostate

“The potent estrogen, estradiol, found in large quantities in hops, plays a powerful role in increasing prostate size and is strongly implicated in both BPH and prostate cancer. Hopped beer should be avoided at all cost. Some studies have found that beer consumption is directly related to prostate inflammation. Other estrogenic plants such as licorice and black cohosh should be avoided as well.” – Stephen Harrod Buhner, Natural Testerone Plan.