Wild Gomasio

Pendulus Sedge Recipe

I’ve been meaning to make a Pendulus Sedge (Carex pendula) recipe, and while gathering the seeds which are so easy and quick to do, the idea for this Wild Gomasio sprung to mind. This is the result, and one I am glad I discovered. Use as a salt sprinkle replacement on eggs, salads, fish, roasted vegetables etc. [Read more…]

Wisteria Flower Syrup

Wisteria Flower Recipe

Heavenly Chinese Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) is one of my all time favourite edible flowers. She bursts forth with great clusters of sweet smelling lilac flowers, the scent taking me into reverie. When I first started experimenting with her a few years ago I used her in my salads and as a vinegar. This year I wanted to translate her scent into a quaffable drink. This wisteria recipe does just that! Imagine her smell as a divine nectar, and you have this wisteria flower syrup. [Read more…]

Sea Aster Pate

Sea Aster Pate Recipe

Young sea aster (Aster tripolium) leaves are just coming up down at the estuary where I forage. I have a love affair with this plant. The leaves make for a delicious wild vegetable, and can be used in a multitude of ways as my previous sea aster recipes show.

As I am teaching a lot and out foraging most days, I wanted to create a quick and gorgeous lunchtime snack. Personally I think this sea aster pate recipe turned out rather good, and all my friends who sampled it thought that it had worked too! [Read more…]

Oxeye Daisy Capers

Oxeye Daisy Caper Recipe

Delicious Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) are budding forth as I write this. One of the most unique taste sensations in the hedge, I have a love affair with this plant that takes me into the realm of the sensuous. The leaves and leaf tips are extraordinary, but the Oxeye Daisy flower buds have got to be tried to be believed. Divine is not too strong a word to describe them! [Read more…]

Sea Beet Chowder (Well Maybe)


Seabeet Recipe
Sea Beet is young, tender and the precursor to chard and beetroot. With her earthy taste, and uber nutrition, Sea Beet (Beta vulgaris maritima) is one of my all time favourite wild edible greens. Barely a plant one could label as a weed, she sits preening herself down by the estuary, and coast, watching the hurried humans making as much racket as they can. Giving herself over to me so I can feed myself, I conjure up this seafaring, warming Sea Beet recipe. It might be Spring, but ’tis still mighty cold this year.

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Eatweeds Podcast #3: Revisioning Herbal Medicine For The People

Eatweeds Podcast #3

An interview with Simon Mills, herbal practitioner and author of Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy, The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety, Dictionary of Modern Herbalism. In this interview Simon’s talks about : Why plants are not pills. Taking back control of our health from experts, and much more.

Come along to one of Simon Mills’ Wild Medicine Walks.
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6  Wild Greens Soup

Wild Soup Recipe

With an abundance of wild green in the hedgerow at the moment, I felt compelled by my bones to make a tasty spring time wild greens soup. Gathering an equal amount of cleavers, wood avens, dandelion, ramsons, lesser celandine, and ground elder I came up with this natty little wild greens recipe.

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Garlic Mustard & Blue Cheese Pasta

Garlic Mustard Pasta Recipe

I love Garlic Mustard aka Jack By The Hedge (Alliaria petiolata), and while most of the wild food recipe books seem to concentrate on using the leaves and flowers, I like to focus on the vast amount of stems that seem to get over looked. Here’s a quick Garlic Mustard recipe for those on the hurry-up. [Read more…]

Wild Garlic & Nettle Nut Loaf

Wild Garlic Nut Loaf Recipe

With the Wild Garlic aka Ramsons (Allium ursinum) filling the hedgerows at the moment, along with lovely Stinging Nettle tips (Urtica dioica) I was wondering how I could combine them to make something other than pesto or soup. [Read more…]

Is It Hemlock or Cow Parsley

Hemlock or Cow Parsley? Think you know? Watch this video and take some time to see if you can tell the difference. In this video I reveal the answer, along with numerous photos to illustrate the plants.
But first I want to make a few things very clear to you, and also about my own way of teaching the edible weeds that surround us…

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