Exeter Foraging Course: Sunday, 22nd June 2014 (10am-1pm)

On this 3-hour Devon foraging course, you will be taken on an amazing journey through one of the secret foraging haunts of Exeter.

You’ll have your eyes opened and discover the delicious and highly nutritious wild food treats that are available for free right under your nose.

During this foraging course, you’ll uncover a secret world of foraging possibilities, and learn… [click to continue]

Aubergine And Avocado Bake With Ribwort Plantain

I’ve landed in a city for the first time in many years, and I’m finding it pretty hard to adapt since leaving the countryside. To deal with this newness I’ve been seeking out “sanctuary spots”, places where humans rarely go or leave their mark, and if they do it is with reverence rather than the insane madness of perpetual shopping and the rushing here and there that city folk seem to get caught up in.

Eatweeds Podcast #1: Wild Dolmades, Is Comfrey Safe To Eat, Self Care Using Plants


In this first episode of the Eatweeds Podcast wild food chef Paul Wedgwood from Edinburgh talks about making Garlic Mustard Dolmades (Alliaria petiolata). Research herbalist Monica Wilde takes us through the latest scientific findings on whether comfrey is safe to eat, is it? And finally Alex Laird from Living Medicine talks about the importance of using common plants found around you and in your kitchen for self care health care and to support your own path to wellbeing.