Recommended Wild Food Recipe Books

A number of people have asked me recently to recommend my favourite wild food recipe books. Here are my top picks…

1. NOMA: Time & Place In Nordic Cuisine

An absolutely beautiful and extraordinary book. Rene Redzepi takes you on a sensual journey to discover the essence of what ‘Noma’ stands for and represents at the cutting edge of wild food cuisine. He is taking the art of foraging into a whole new universe where epicurean delights await. A must.

 2. Irish Seaweed Kitchen

One of the best wild food recipe books to have come out in a long time. The photographs and recipes are absolutely superb, and this is one that needs to grace the shelves of any self respecting forager.

3. Cooking Weeds: Vegetarian Recipes

A good little recipe book that is one of the few books to offer the nutritional values of wild edible plants too.


4. Edible Wild Plants & Herbs: A Compendium Of Recipes & Remedies

Delightfully illustrated, with a good number of recipes that actually work.


 5. Wild Food

Roger Phillips classic photographic recipe book. Beautiful photos and some lovely recipes too.