Eatweeds wild food foraging guide

Discover the Ancient Path of the Forager

Welcome, my name is Robin Harford and I’m really glad you’re here.

The Green Path is a free email mini-class.

I’m giving you a crash course into the deeper aspects of the forager’s world.

The stuff that rarely makes it into those coffee table foraging books.

You see our world desperately needs “plantwalkers“.

That’s what I call anyone who works with plants.

Anyone who travels the Green Path. Even if they didn’t know they were on it.

Plantwalkers recognise that our culture has become deeply disconnected and dissociated from the rest of the ecosystem. To the point that we might not even make it as a species.

But plantwalkers are also optimistic and have hope in their hearts, even in the face of despair and adversity.

Hope is a powerful attribute of a plantwalker.

We keep spreading the plant knowledge, even when many folk think foraging is about making wild cocktails, or getting trashed in the hedge.

That’s disconnect. Right there.