Wild Garlic Kimchi Recipe

Wild Garlic Wickedness… This One Will Blow Your Mind!

The sun is shining. The wind is fresh. And there’s that inevitable feeling in ones bones that Spring may well have finally sprung!

Excitement seems to be going viral. Down here in deepest Devon folks spirits lift dramatically.

You see it in everyone. Faces are beginning to smile again. Say hello as you pass them by.

Seasonal affective disorder is retreating into the shadows. Winter finally gives way to the warmer months.

Folk are hopeful.

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Edible Horsetail Equisetum arvense

Is Field Horsetail Edible?

Common name: Field Horsetail
Scientific name: Equisetum arvense

Family: Equisetaceae

I have written this brief profile as a result of some confusion on social media as to whether Field Horsetail Equisetum arvense is edible. And to whether there could be a problem with consuming too much of it.

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Hedge Mustard Rice Soup Recipe

Hedge Mustard Rice Soup

Last week I went wandering to one of my favourite foraging patches. It’s by a river, and a haven for birds, critters and wild nibbly things. I was out shooting footage for a video on nettle.

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Crafting A Delicious Pine Oil

Update 20.02.17
Some folk are little concerned about possibly getting food poisoning from this recipe. Here’s my reply:

“I got asked the same question on social. To which I replied, good point, I need to make that clearer in future especially regarding botulism. The advice is to keep plants in oil no longer than three weeks and in the refrigerator. This is somewhat open to debate, and there have only been 33 recorded cases of food-borne botulism in England and Wales since 1989. Read Clostridium botulinum & Vegetables in Oil.

I originally mentioned the possible problem of botulism in my post on preserving wild garlic in oil, here.”

Down here in Devon this weekend, the weather was sunny and balmy.

So I took the opportunity to get out and about to shoot a short video for you.

Now, just a few points first, because I also need your help.

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Dandelion Flower

Nasreddin and The Tale of the Dandelion

When I first encountered Dandelion intimately, I fell in love instantly. Out came my camera, and clicking through the countryside I went, taking snapshots of sunbursts. Only to return to my computer and stare mesmerised at the wonderment in front of me.

Mahonia Flowers

Here’s Why I Call This Plant ‘Angels Breath’

Each year I set the intention to gather pine pollen, and each year I miss the season.

That’s one of the frustrations about foraging. With so many plants out there, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to gather them all when they are at their best.

Yet out of this frustration comes forth a delight. You’ve gotta love paradox!

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Beech Leaf Tea Recipe

This Common Tree Reveals A Delicious Winter Secret

It’s been a chilly old Winter this year, and I trust you have had lovely festivities over the past couple of weeks.

Winter is an exciting time for me as a forager. While others bemoan the decline in wild edible plants, I on the other hand get all excited wondering what I can find and what I can prepare from the limited availability out on the land.

A couple of days ago, as I was taking the grand-urchins outside to play, my eyes took in the beauty of the ‘skeleton trees’ against grey sky, and the patterns and shapes they make.

Senses open up when I do this. And I love the natural form and structure devoid of any human mingling. Natural art right in front of us.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed some honey golden beech leaves on a hedge, and was immediately taken back to working with chef Paul Wedgwood in Edinburgh back in 2013.

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Foraging Course Provence France 2017

A Special Invitation: Wild Food, Wild Medicine Foraging Course In France 2017

Why not escape for eight days and seven nights to a magical place in the heart of beautiful Provence in France?

Somewhere you can completely relax and experience a plant adventure with a difference.

Foraging for plants as food and medicine can be a deep journey into Soul and a gentle way to ‘get out of our heads and come to our senses’.

A way to experience the world and the plant kingdom through ‘new eyes’.

A wondrous journey into wildness that comes from walking the Green Path.

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