Rediscover Britain's Forgotten Plant Heritage

Just Published

Robin’s infectious encyclopaedic enthusiasm is borne from complete commitment to his chosen field.
- Michael Kusz

You transported us to a whole new level of awareness of not only the plants we got to see, smell and taste, but also the relationship that is possible with our natural environment that most of us have lost over just a single generation.
- Richard & Debbie Stansfield

My love of the plants and my interaction with them was given a massive boost by your knowledge.
- Pip Martin

Hi there, I’m Robin Harford, creator of Eatweeds.

For over fifteen years I have experimented and explored the world of wild plants. Uncovering how our ancestors used plants to nourish and heal themselves.

I’ve spent thousands of hours digging through scientific papers, read hundreds of books. Even gone so far as to be nomadic for over a year. During this time I followed the seasons and plants around the highways and byways of these isles.

I have written this book to help you rediscover our forgotten plant heritage. To learn how to use wild plants as food and medicine. Knowledge that was once common to everyone.