Oh! My God those Creamed Nettles are Amazing!

Creamed nettles are one of my pet specialities. I’ve been eating this dish regularly for the last 3 years when I chanced upon the idea while staring at a rather nice gammon steak one Winters day. Now before anyone starts whining at me for posting a nettle recipe in June. … and I can bet you a … Read more

Sauteed Hogweed Leaf Stalks With Nettles & Wild Garlic

The young hogweed leaf stalks and nettle tips are at their peak at the moment with regards the freshest, youngest greens. Hogweed is a plant that I have a lot of respect for, it is one of the true gourmet wild edibles, and it is well worth spending the time learning how to identify hogweed. WARNING: Hogweed … Read more


Quick and easy wild food recipes to inspire you to play with plants in your kitchen. Guelder Rose Shrub Drink Taste Pickled Rosehips Taste Meadowsweet Cordial Taste Black Mustard Soup Taste Smooth Sowthistle Salsa Taste Cow Parsley & Orange Compote Taste Oxeye Daisy Greens & Baked Tofu Taste Braised Dandelion Greens Taste Persian Nettle Stew … Read more

Persian Nettle Stew

This plant-based stinging nettle recipe was inspired by my love of Persian food. I love culture-blending. Whether it is food, ideas or some other creative exploit. If foraging has taught me one thing, it is that Nature thrives on diversity.   Ingredients 300g stinging nettle tops (the first 6 leaves) 400ml stock or seaweed broth … Read more

Stinging Nettle – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

Stinging Nettle is a surprisingly helpful plant in food and medicine despite its stinging hairs, as seen below. Common Name Stinging Nettle Scientific Name Urtica dioica Family Urticaceae Botanical Description An upright plant with dull green, serrated leaves, covered with stinging hairs. The flowers are small, green and catkin-like with no petals. Status Perennial. Native. … Read more

EP22: Foraging The Future, Sustainability & Vital Connection

An interview with Miles Irving, author of the Forager Handbook and creator of The Wild Box, on why we must include humans in our conservation models in order to look after wild spaces. Why foraging is sustainable. How foraging can help feed an ever growing population, and how we can restore our vital connection to … Read more

Broadleaf Plantain as a Traditional Herbal Remedy

The leaves of Broadleaf Plantain are an amazing wound herb. Rubbed on parts of the body stung by insects, nettles, etc., or as an application to burns and scalds, the leaves give relief and will stop the bleeding of minor wounds. The fresh leaves are applied externally whole or bruised in the form of a poultice. The … Read more

Hogweed Seed Spice, Cashew and Date Sweets

Hogweed seed spice is deliciously warming and is reminiscent of cardamon. I crafted this recipe and served the sweets at a gathering of plant-walkers who had met to remember Frank Cook, herbalist and botanical explorer extraordinaire. Frank died on 19th August 2009. He was also my plant mentor. Each year I do a memorial event, … Read more

Listening to the Trees Talking

Over the weekend the anarchists came to stay. Who could imagine that a couple of wild urchins aged two and four years old could cause such chaos in my house. When I entered the living room arms brimming with plants, it was as if a burglar had deliberately trashed my pad. My bliss-companion had been … Read more

Elderberry & Nettle Honey Elixir

With Autumn definitely on its way, and the sun starts setting early, now is the perfect time to give you body a boost with this delicious, nourishing and health-boosting elixir. I’ve been making it for quite a few weeks using dried elderberries from last year, and dried nettle that I had gathered this Spring. I … Read more

Nettle & Barley Risotto

The oldest recorded recipe in Britain according to the Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff is one for nettle pudding, consisting of not surprisingly nettle with barley. They claim it to be 8,000 years old! Taking this for inspiration I decided to create a nettle risotto using barley … Read more