Wild Garlic Notebook

Wild Garlic Notebook A 35-page PDF notebook covering the food, medicine and folklore. Comes with 11 full-colour high-resolution photos to help make identification easy Buy Now (£4.50) What Others Are Saying “The scope, scholarship, references and wonderful photographs make these notebooks a brilliant resource and a source of constant pleasure. Thank you.” – Lynne Friedli … Read more

Wild Garlic And Cauliflower Cakes With Wild Mustard Sauce

You can smell the wild garlic as you walk through the woods. Now (March), is the perfect time to be gathering it. The young tender wild garlic leaves are best, as they can get a bit tough as the plant matures into flower. Toasted rice powder is used a lot in Laos and Thailand where … Read more

Wild Garlic and Cashew Nut Pâté

With wild garlic sprouting forth at the moment, I wanted to experiment with using fermented juices from sauerkraut, kimchi etc. to see how they change the flavour profile of my wild food recipes. This is a simple, modest plant-based dish, but it turned out well. The cashew nuts add a sweetness to the pate, so … Read more

Try These Delicious Wild Garlic Recipes

Traditional and Modern Use of Wild Garlic Wild Garlic: Frequently Asked Questions Wild Garlic & Cauliflower Cakes Wild Garlic & Cashew Nut Pâté Wild Garlic Pesto Wild Garlic Kimchi Wild Garlic Pakoras Fermented Wild Garlic Homemade Goat’s Cheese With Wild Garlic Wild Garlic and Nettle Nut Loaf Wild Garlic and Dandelion Salad Pickled Wild Garlic … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Wild Garlic

Here are the top questions I get asked about wild garlic (Allium ursinum). What are the traditional and modern uses of wild garlic? I’ve written a comprehensive article on the uses of wild garlic as food and medicine, including its history and folklore here. Can you eat wild garlic? Yes, all parts of wild garlic are … Read more

Traditional and Modern Use of Wild Garlic

The leaves of wild garlic harvested before flowering have a delicious, sweet and pungent taste. Excellent raw in salads and as pesto. Dry or dehydrate leaves to make crisps. Cooked leaves are a good vegetable, and they lose their pungency. All parts of the plant make good lactic acid ferments. Steamed leaf stalks with buds … Read more

Wild Garlic Kimchi

The sun is shining. The wind is fresh. And there’s that inevitable feeling in one’s bones that Spring may well have finally sprung! Excitement seems to be going viral. Down here in deepest Devon folks spirits lift dramatically. You see it in everyone. Faces are beginning to smile again. Say hello as you pass them by. … Read more

Wild Garlic & Nettle Nut Loaf

With the Wild Garlic aka Ramsons (Allium ursinum) filling the hedgerows at the moment, along with lovely Stinging Nettle tips (Urtica dioica) I was wondering how I could combine them to make something other than pesto or soup. Rummaging through my cupboards, I chanced on a few choice ingredients, and decided to combine them to … Read more

Wild Garlic & Dandelion Salad

Being a rather full day, I wanted to rustle up a quick lunch, and on my way back from a meeting I gathered a few handfuls of young Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) and Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) leaves. Thinking of how the French have traditionally served their dandelions, or Pissenlit as they call it, I decided … Read more

Wild Garlic Pakoras

Spying some pakoras in my local India delicatessen, I pondered on whether Wild Garlic/Ramsons (Allium ursinum) would work as a replacement to the usual spinach. After all, once steamed it does resemble spinach in texture. So using the remainder of the Wild Garlic that I had gathered along with about ten other wild edibles for … Read more

Pickled Wild Garlic Bulbs

My heart jumps for joy when I see the first shoots of wild garlic (Ramsons) appearing, it calls in the beginning of Spring and finally the return of the sun. There is so much you can do with wild garlic, but this simple wild garlic recipe will have your taste buds perking up at the … Read more