1. Very interesting, I love trying new recipes, just made blackberry vinegar for winter coughs and colds, amazing stuff. Thank you for that.

  2. I loved this!! Thank you so much. I’ve bought a couple of yr books and longed to find that connection you demonstrated…so far only wild garlic … found some watercress which I was loving until I read about sheep ‘something’ and have stopped using it.

    Anyway, thanks for this. Can’t wait to revisit hawthorn. Xxx

    • hi steve, thanks for that but i cannot see any donation come through under your name or email. also i don’t know what an fd app is?

  3. Fabulous to see you at last! You are so good at this. It will help me to identify plants and remember what to do, much more than reading!

    • I loved it. I particularly love the genuine, unfiltered/edited way the video was made. It made the video more honest and enjoyable.

  4. Thanks Robin, this was really good and the difference between your ebooks and live demonstration communicates much better on video, but equally wouldn’t be without the written word.
    I look forward to your emails and all the podcasts too, are great, with the audio/transcript option.
    Thank you again

  5. Thank you Robin,
    Enjoyed the video and the natural way that it was filmed and your books.
    I also love your emails and podcasts.

  6. You are a natural Simon, its lovely to hear your knowledge and wisdom so naturally shared. I look forward to doing a course with you when I return from South Africa late November

  7. I enjoyed listening to the sonification of holly and would love to hear more plants. There’s definitely a meditative plant sound podcast to be made there Simon. I’m also thumbing through your books and listening to your podcast. Great to put a face to the voice. You should do more! I an just off to donate now. Thanks for all the hard work.

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