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As an unadvertised bonus, Simon will be doing extra live Q&A sessions.

Please ask your question in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  • only one question per participant.
  • asking a question, does not guarantee that Simon will have time to answer it. 
  • please be as concise as possible when asking your question.

as soon as we feel we have enough questions to run another live Q&A session you will be notified by email.


  1. Hi Simon, excellent course. Enjoying every moment. I have a question regarding Dock, as opposed to Burdock. Is it the same thing? Does it do the same thing?

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hi Simon
    We know that the bud of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) provides excellent levels of cannabidiol (CBD) but cannot be licensed for growing in the UK. CBD is present in other plants too, which keep us thriving with a healthy endocannabinoid system. Can you recommend the next best source of CBD to top up our cannabinoid receptors please?

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