Befriending Nettle – Foraging & Cordage Making

Experience deep relaxation on a rural retreat, where plants meet craft in a day of craft, foraging and folklore.

Have you ever wondered what stories the humble nettle has to tell? What wisdom, medicine and materials are offered by nettle and their plant friends?

Learn how to harvest and make cordage with this wild and ubiquitous material, as we uncover the indigenous roots of nettle and rediscover her place in our lives. 

Join us on a sensory journey of foraging, folklore and cordage in this hands on experience that connects us to the heart and lifeworld of nettle.
Nettle has no doubt been woven into your life; perhaps childhood memories of countryside adventures involving stinging encounters, and learning the lore of nettle’s plant neighbour; dock.

The tradition of making cordage and material with nettle goes back thousands of years, and this plant, beloved by many, bane of gardeners, offers us food and medicine, craft materials, and powerful lessons about adaptation and a modern indigeny.

‘Emma & Myrtle were excellent tutors, Explaining the idea and process of both practices superbly. It was a great day & wouldn’t hesitate to go on another!’

This course is for you if

  • You would benefit from spending a gentle day immersed in the woods
  • You wish to develop your knowledge of foraging and folklore
  • You would like to learn hands on the principles of cordage making
  • You wish to deepen your connection to the natural world
  • You would benefit from learning nature based techniques for relaxation and wellbeing

‘Each day was full of delights and new learning – the tutors were amazing and so knowledgeable – and wonderfully generous with their knowledge.’

When & where?

Saturday, 22nd July 2023
Time: 10am-4.30pm.
Cost: £85 (includes handmade wild refreshments). Please bring your lunch to supplement these.
Location: Dartington Estate, Devon.
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‘I think these types of courses are better than therapy in many ways. I’m looking forward to the next adventure’

About Myrtle Cooper

As a young child I was enchanted by the worlds of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree, Tolkien’s Ent’s and the Hungry Caterpiller’s food led journey to metamorphosis.

Climbing to the top of trees in search of hidden worlds, I imagined what stories they had to share. I loved the freedom and untapped possibility I felt being in the wild.

Back in 2011, I rediscovered this hunger for stories and began searching to find that enchantment again. Learning the language of plants, the old lore and how our human story is intimately woven amongst plants.

Studies and work across permaculture, horticulture and regenerative food systems led to a lengthy immersion writing an MSc thesis, which brought together a deepening interest in eco-therapy, plant intelligence and my passion for wild plants.

Sitting with trees, an invisible veil began to drop from my eyes, and the palate of greens took on new meanings; wisdom, food and medicine from the hedgerows.

My practice of plant connection was born. A practice that supports my mental and physical wellbeing more than any other.

Foraging and wild food became a gateway into exploring the world with new eyes, and heightened senses.

About Emma Capper

Emma is an ANFT Certified Nature and forest therapy guide, artist, basket maker and workshop facilitator with over 25 yrs of experience delivering workshops in the expressive arts.

“I love to wander in the woods, gathering flexible stems and branches to create little vessels, baskets and simple pieces of woven art. My senses come alive as I feel into the flow of life in the fibres, honouring their life and mine.”

In 2013 she founded Creative Journeys in nature, weaving her love of art and nature together to curate workshops and forest therapy walks for folk from all walks of life.

She sees her work in this field as a form of eco-activism. Holding a playful yet sacred space in nature for connection, healing

Kind words from the plant community

“Beautifully facilitated and held by Myrtle. A fairytale-esque experience packed full of wonderful techniques and new introductions to plant friends. A magical course and a jpy to spend time with others. Thank you Myrtle”


“Myrtle brings light, joy and mischevious delight to her passion for plants. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive and I love her gentle delivery”


“This work you are holding is so important more now than ever. You are telling the ancient stories of our ancestors of our land of our natural world that we have long forgotten. That need to be gently retold in the way you are introducing us back to our wild woodland friends that wait patiently, ever ready to meet us again. Thank you. I will tell these stories to my children. You have inspired me to return to what I love what sustains me. You have given me a path back. So thank you. I am grateful and excited and open to the wonders of the wood.”


“Thank you so much for today. Both me and my mum had a wonderful day and found it both inspiring and calming to be out in nature listening to your incredible knowledge”