Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland

The ultimate guide to foraging wild plants for food and medicine. Over 20,000 copies sold.

An invaluable addition to any forager, herbalist, gardener, horticulturist or naturalist’s library, providing plant-lovers with a much-needed resource to understanding nature’s most useful wild plants.

The Eatweeds Cookbook

In this delightful wild food cookbook daily forager Robin Harford covers over 35 plants with simple, easy to prepare recipes you can create in your kitchen. Each plant is beautifully illustrated with a Victorian botanical woodblock print.

Having foraged for his daily supper for over ten years, these recipes come directly from his kitchen and have been field-tested by hundreds of people on his foraging courses making this wild food recipe book perfect for foraging enthusiasts everywhere.

Forage In Summer

A celebration of the top fifteen edible and medicinal wild plants found in June, July and August.

It’s a comprehensive exploration into their past and present uses as food and medicine, including their forgotten folklore.

Oak Notebook

Covers its past and present uses as food and medicine. Including the folklore, recipes, nutrition and cautions.

I have written this book to help you go deeper into the magical world of this ancient tree.

Seaweed Notebook

Discover the traditional and modern use of edible seaweeds in the British Isles and Ireland.

It traces their story from the beginning of recorded history to the present day. Through their food, medicine and folklore.