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Is Field Horsetail Edible?

Is Field Horsetail Edible?

I have written this brief profile as a result of some confusion on social media as to whether Field Horsetail Equisetum arvense is edible. And to whether there could be a problem with consuming too much

Tale of the Dandelion

Nasreddin and The Tale of the Dandelion

When I first encountered Dandelion intimately, I fell in love instantly. Out came my camera, and clicking through the countryside I went, taking snapshots of sunbursts. Only to return to my computer

Mahonia Flowers

Here’s Why I Call This Plant ‘Angels Breath’

Each year I set the intention to gather pine pollen, and each year I miss the season. That’s one of the frustrations about foraging. With so many plants out there, sometimes there just isn’t enough

Moken Sea Gypsies

Witnessing the Last Days of the Nomadic Moken Sea Gypsies

For the last few years I have taught on my plant courses about the Moken sea gypsies, and the extraordinary relationship they have with their environment. Little did I realise that I would ever get the

Hawthorn Berries

Yuck, Spit, That’s Disgusting…

A week or so ago I mentioned that I was pondering what to do with hawthorn berries. Something a little different to the usual sweet dishes that they are used in usually. At the weekend while out with the

Talking Trees

Listening to the Trees Talking

Over the weekend the anarchists came to stay. Who could imagine that a couple of wild urchins aged two and four years old could cause such chaos in my house. When I entered the living room arms brimming

Burdock Roots

Getting Rooty With Burdock

I walked the valley this morning, watching as the mist slowly dispersed. I love the quiet of walking in mist, it brings back memories of walking after a snow-storm. Even though I am currently living in


Funky Facts You Need to Know About Rosehips

I hope you are enjoying this Autumn with its beautiful colours, which to me is a delight to see at this time of year. I felt and smelt this seasonal shift long before the signs became visible to the eye. The

Frank Cook Herbalist

This Forager Has a Lot to Answer For…

You may or may not know that I never intended to teach foraging. Back in 2008 I met a man called Frank Cook. Frank was extraordinary. Not only as a plant walker, but as a human being too. Much of what

Guelder Rose Recipe

This Divine Wild Jelly Is An Absolute Must

Yesterday I told you about Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus), and my desire to make it into a jelly. Well last night I finished the recipe. As the jars where cooling down, I wondered whether I would simply

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