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Eatweeds Plants and People Podcast

Plants and People Podcast Episode 12

Many moons ago I met two awesome ‘herbalistas’ called Karen and Fiona at the first Radical Herbalism Gathering (RHG). RHG is definitely a weekend I recommend you get to, if you like earthy herbalists

Intuitive Herbalism Nathaniel Hughes

Plants and People Podcast Episode 11

Over the years I have bumped into master herbalist Nathaniel Hughes at various gatherings around the country. We never seemed to be able to spend much time together as our paths where literally criss-crossing. That

Wild Fungi Craig Worrall

Episode 10: The Wild & Wonderful World of Fungi

A walk in the woods fungi foraging with the wild and wonderful Craig Worrall from Edible Leeds. I recently visited Craig at his home in Leeds, and he kindly took me out to one of his favourite fungi patches

Francois Couplan Forager

Episode 9: Interview With A Foraging Grand Master

Crawling at 5mph it took me ages to drive up the dusty, pot-holed road that led into the depths of wildness where foraging grand master Francois Couplan lives hidden in the depths of Provence, France. If

Emma Kidd First Steps To Seeing Podcast

Episode 8: First Steps To Seeing Plants

In this interview Emma Kidd, author of First Steps To Seeing: A Path Towards Living Attentively discusses practical ways to deepen your relationship with plants, by enhancing your ability to ‘see’


Eatweeds Podcast #6: How To Make Leaf Protein

Discover how to make a 100% leaf protein from wild green plants, especially stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). In this interview I talk to Michael Cole who has been making Leafu (leaf protein) for many


Eatweeds Podcast #5: Remembering Frank Cook

Frank Cook was an herbalist, teacher, botanical explorer, activist and pollinator who turned people on to the abundance nature provides and the ability to self-actualize. In this episode of the Eatweeds


Eatweeds Podcast #4: Plant Observation & Goethean Science

In this interview Craig Holdrege director of The Nature Institute discusses how the methodology of Goethean Science can enhance our ability to observe and experience plants and guide us into a whole


Eatweeds Podcast #3: Revisioning Herbal Medicine For The People

An interview with Simon Mills, herbal practitioner and author of Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy, The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety, Dictionary of Modern Herbalism. In this interview Simon’s


Eatweeds Podcast #2: Beyond Botany

In Episode 2 of the Eatweeds Podcast Robin Harford interviews his Russian friend, plantwalker and herbalist Olya Maiboroda about how we can know plants beyond the usual botanical methods. Something that

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