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Intuitive Herbalism with Nathaniel Hughes

Episode 11: Nathaniel Hughes On Intuitive Herbalism

Over the years I have bumped into master herbalist Nathaniel Hughes at various gatherings around the country. We never seemed to be able to spend much time together as our paths where literally criss-crossing.

That aside we both recognised that we were on a similar page when it came to meeting and working with plants. Nathaniel coming from a herbalist’s perspective, and myself coming from a forager’s perspective.

So finally, after what must be four years of missing each other, I finally caught up with Nathaniel at his beautiful apothecary at Ruskin Mill, just outside Stroud.

We chatted about all manner of things. Everything from…

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Plants & People Interviews Francois Couplan

Episode 9: Interview With A Foraging Grand Master

Crawling at 5mph it took me ages to drive up the dusty, pot-holed road that led into the depths of wildness where foraging grand master Francois Couplan lives hidden in the depths of Provence, France.

If there is one person who I would dearly love to learn more about wild edible plants, then Francois is the man! I never in a gazillion years thought that I would find myself being invited for an evening meal, and spend time with one of my heroes… And trust me, I really don’t do heroes usually, but sometimes you hear about someone, and just know somewhere, sometime you need to meet them.

Francois CouplanIn this podcast interview, I sit as the sun goes down with a man who has been living with plants on a daily basis for over 50 years! Aside from the indigenous plant teachers I have met on my travels around the world, Francois has a knowledge that goes way beyond anyone living “in the West” that I know.

So it was a real pleasure to do this interview, even if I do sound excitable… that’s because… I was!

For a man who was there in Paris 68, its a fascinating record of someone’s life so completely dedicated to teaching and inspiring everyone about the importance of paying attention to plants, and the benefits that gives you. I hope you enjoy it.Read more…

Episode 8: First Steps To Seeing Plants

First Steps To Seeing Plants

In this interview Emma Kidd, author of First Steps To Seeing: A Path Towards Living Attentively discusses practical ways to deepen your relationship with plants, by enhancing your ability to ‘see’ plants more fully, in a way that no mainstream botany class will ever teach you.

As Emma says: “On our way to work we may pass trees or other plants but not notice them – the changes of the trees through the seasons? We miss so much, not only individually but as a society too, by simply not paying attention.

By using the analogy of ‘seeing’, Emma discusses how to really and actively see what is in front of us rather than merely accept the shortcuts that our brain gives us to categorise and rationalise what is passing us by.

When it comes to being able to ‘see’ plants, these exercises and methods allow us to enter into ‘deep intimacy’ with plants, and reveals some surprising discoveries, as well as revealing just how blind we actually are. As the philosopher GI Gurdjieff was fond of reminding us, “as humans we live our lives in a near permanent state of hypnotic sleep”.Read more…

Eatweeds Podcast #6: How To Make Leaf Protein

How To Make Leaf Protein

Discover how to make a 100% leaf protein from wild green plants, especially stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). In this interview I talk to Michael Cole who has been making Leafu (leaf protein) for many years on his animal-free, rewilded farm in Devon. Michael is considered to be the leading expert in the UK on making leaf protein.Read more…

Eatweeds Podcast #5: Remembering Frank Cook

Remembering Frank Cook

Frank Cook was an herbalist, teacher, botanical explorer, activist and pollinator who turned people on to the abundance nature provides and the ability to self-actualize. In this episode of the Eatweeds Podcast; friends of Frank Cook remember the man and his mission, and how he inspired thousands of people around the world to walk the Green Path.Read more…

Eatweeds Podcast #2: Beyond Botany

Eatweeds Podcast #2

In Episode 2 of the Eatweeds Podcast Robin Harford interviews his Russian friend, plantwalker and herbalist Olya Maiboroda about how we can know plants beyond the usual botanical methods.

Something that pretty much all indigenous cultures have in common, is that we where foragers before botany was even dreamt up, and as a result how did humans discover the medicinal and edible uses for plants?Read more…

Eatweeds Podcast #1: Wild Dolmades, Is Comfrey Safe To Eat, Self Care Using Plants

Eatweeds Podcast #1

In this first episode of the Eatweeds Podcast wild food chef Paul Wedgwood from Edinburgh talks about making Garlic Mustard Dolmades (Alliaria petiolata). Research herbalist Monica Wilde takes us through the latest scientific findings on whether comfrey is safe to eat, is it? And finally Alex Laird from Living Medicine talks about the importance of using common plants found around you and in your kitchen for self care health care and to support your own path to wellbeing.Read more…