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Wild Garlic Kimchi Recipe

Wild Garlic Kimchi

The sun is shining. The wind is fresh. And there’s that inevitable feeling in ones bones that Spring may well have finally sprung! Excitement seems to be going viral. Down here in deepest Devon folks

Hedge Mustard Rice Soup Recipe

Hedge Mustard Rice Soup

Last week I went wandering to one of my favourite foraging patches. It’s by a river, and a haven for birds, critters and wild nibbly things. I was out shooting footage for a video on nettle. Not for

Wild Lahp Recipe

Getting Wild In Laos… A Traditional Mouthwatering Dish

Recently I have been craving south east Asian food. And one dish in particular has been coming to mind. I even dreamt of it one night.Maybe its because at this time of year I am usually sitting in a forest

Beech Leaf Tea Recipe

This Common Tree Reveals A Delicious Winter Secret

It’s been a chilly old Winter this year, and I trust you have had lovely festivities over the past couple of weeks. Winter is an exciting time for me as a forager. While others bemoan the decline in

Sea Beet Bhujia Recipe

Going Indian With Sea Beet

I visited my local estuary the other day now devoid of tourists. The sound of the birds doing their thing that only birds do, the array of deep colours as the estuary falls into its Wintery sleep, the

Butchers Broom

This Wild Plant’s Roasted Seed Will Amaze You

This weekend I wanted to make a coffee substitute, something that tasted ‘rich’. Something that I could ‘chew’ on. My shop bought coffee-alternatives include the likes of Whole Earth Nocaf, Barleycup

Fermented Hawthorn Relish Recipe

Dragon’s Breath Relish : A Novel Hawthorn Recipe

There is an old Scottish proverb “Mony haws, Mony snows” meaning that an abundance of haws (hawthorn berries) will bring a severe winter. It will be interesting to see if this old folk belief pans

Guelder Rose Jelly Recipe

Try This Exquisite Guelder Rose Jelly Recipe

This Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) jelly recipe is quite simply divine. The plant is deciduous, and usually found in hedgerows, scrub and woodlands. It favours damp places and can be found along streams,

Elderberry Nettle Honey Cordial Recipe

Elderberry & Nettle Honey Elixir

With Autumn definitely on its way, and the sun starts setting early, now is the perfect time to give you body a boost with this delicious, nourishing and health-boosting elixir. I’ve been making

Sakura Wild Cherry Tea

Sakura: Preserved Cherry Blossom

Each year I literally swoon as I cup the cherry blossom flowers in my hand gazing at their mysterious beauty set against cloudless blue sky. And each year I promise myself to make a preserved cherry blossom

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