There are over 20,000 species of plants that have been recorded as edible, yet in our current society you'll be lucky to find more than 25 of them in your local supermarket!

Edible weeds are a great addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They are local, sustainable, and free so they help cut your food bill. Edible wild plants contain no packaging & no chemicals.

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Is It Hemlock or Cow Parsley

Hemlock or Cow Parsley? Think you know? Watch this video and take some time to see if you can tell the difference. In this video I reveal the answer, along with numerous photos to illustrate the plants.
But first I want to make a few things very clear to you, and also about my own way of teaching the edible weeds that surround us…

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Historical & Cross Cultural Food Uses of Three Cornered Leek (Allium triquetrum) aka Wild Leek

Video About Three Cornered Leek

Called “three cornered leek” (Allium triquetrum) because the leaves have a ridge down the middle of them that resembles the keel of a ship. You might be forgiven for thinking at first glance that this is simply a grass of some kind, but as soon as you crush the leaves or any part of this plant, its garlicky smell is revealed confirming you have the right plant. All Allium species are edible with some being more flavoured than others. Read more…

Soul Seekers TV Series: Foraging

Soul Seekers TV Series Interview With Robin Harford Forager

In this short video I talk about about foraging, reconnecting to land and the healing power of Nature with Jo Sinnott, presenter of Soul Seekers, a Travel Channel TV series.

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