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Common Mallow | Malva sylvestris

Traditional and Modern Use of Common Mallow

  • Scientific name: Malva sylvestris
  • Family: Malvaceae

How to Use Common Mallow

The leaves of are eaten as spinach, put into soups to give them a good smooth texture, or used as a tea substitute.

The flowers are used as a vegetable garnish.

Unripe fruits, called cheeses, are eaten as a nibble or can be lacto-fermented to preserve them.

 Common Mallow Recipes


About the Author Robin Harford

Robin Harford is a self-taught ethnobotanist, and has spent over a decade traveling, researching, recording and uncovering the traditional and contemporary use of wild plants in Britain and beyond. More recently his work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia and Europe. He is a co-director of Plants & Healers International, a non-profit that connects people, plants and healers around the world.

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