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  1. Hi Robin,
    I hope you and your family are well and keeping safe down there in Devon. I’ve just bought your new book on Amazon and looking forward to receiving it very soon. Decided to get the Kindle version as well as the paperback, so I’ll have it on my phone when out in the beautiful countryside we have here in the UK!

  2. The Dandelion activity book has been greatly appreciated by my grandchildren, I have also shared with friends and the feedback has been very positive. We are finding that young boys in particular are very amused by some of the local terms for this common but delightful plant.?

  3. Very fun! Will the pages have identification tips for the kids…as far as things that might look like a dandelion, but aren’t? Or the characteristics that only dandelion have that help them clearly know they have the right plant? Looks great!

  4. What a great way to teach youngsters about plant life. Their uses culinary and medicinal. It’s honest and uncomplicated. Well done. Beautifully illustrated. Today I bought your book. I’m a keen amateur and looking forward to foraging with renewed confidence.

  5. Hi Robin,
    I love this idea and its nicely done – one thought though, for the dandelion illustrations in particular, because the coloured version leaves etc are dark, the black and white version doesn’t work well for colouring in as they start out dark grey. Some software lets you do outline only of pictures, which might be a better option here if its possible? I second the suggestion for a simple recipe idea, for children to help make when they have been out foraging.

  6. Hi Robin

    This is great. I will pass it on to my great niece and nephew.

    I love the botanical drawing, I do wish I had that talent- must keep practising!

    One small error teeth incorrectly appears as teetth,

    I have also ordered your book and look forward to receiving it.

    Best wishes


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