Dandelion & Burdock Wild Soda



Put the dandelion and burdock in a saucepan, add the water and simmer on low for 30 minutes. Take off the heat and allow it to cool, then strain into a jug. You should have around 600ml of liquid. If far less, top it up with spring water. Add the maple syrup and sauerkraut brine starter. Mix well and pour into a plastic bottle with a screw-top lid.

Place in a shady spot and occasionally burp the bottle by gently unscrewing the lid. Natural carbonation should start in a few days depending on the temperature of the room it is stored in.

I use plastic bottles because if you forget to burp, you can see how pressure is generated by how balloon-like the bottle gets. Once at the required carbonation level, place in the fridge. These kinds of wild sodas don’t last long so drink within 7 days.

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