Dandelion Vinegar Recipe

Nothing beats the delightful taste of wildcrafted dandelion vinegar, mixed in a salad dressing it really zings up your wild green salads. Make this dandelion vinegar recipe early in the Spring before the dandelions have started developing.

Dandelion Vinegar Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 large jar with lid
  • As many dandelions (root and leaves) as will fit in the jar
  • Organic cider vinegar

Note: It is illegal to dig up roots without landowner’s consent.

Dandelion Vinegar Recipe Instructions

  1. Thoroughly wash the dandelion leaves, and scrub the dandelion roots, then chop both into medium size pieces.
  2. Stuff a large jar with as much dandelion as you can get in or have to hand.
  3. Next simply pour cold organic cider vinegar until the dandelions are covered.
  4. Shake well, and leave in a cupboard for six weeks. You can leave it longer if you wish, then strain through an unbleached coffee filter into clean, sterilised jars.

Serves: Depends on the amount you make.


  1. This seems an intriguing recipe and I will give it a go – but – I’m a little worried that the author is asking people to dig up dandelions – when they’re an important early food plant for bees. Surely it’s more sustainable to harvest the leaves and leave the roots (and therefore the plant) intact?

  2. To remove humans from the ecosystem by stopping us from doing what is genetically hard wired into us is a disconnect from Nature.

    Humans are nothing more than grazing animals and pollinators at the end of the day. And as foragers no-one is suggesting strip mining the earth. That’s hysteria perpetrated by the likes of Daily Mail headlines.

    If you want to help bees, better to stop buying your food in supermarkets and stop buying carbon-guzzling superfoods from health shops, and stop buying monoculture vegetables.

    A few foragers gathering the odd roots for food and medicine is far less harmful to bees than the modern form of agriculture.

    • Just discovered your site today. Must say, I love your answer. People forget that supermarkets are still a new thing. Meaning, within the last 100 years. Personally, I am learning about foraging to supplement my diet (hopefully, do a little hunting/fishing for meat, legally). Found some dandelion plants out back. Made a little tea with enough for tomorrow. Also, tried pine needle tea today. Interesting. I have pine trees in my backyard. Keep up the good work!

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