Devon Foraging Courses & Walks

‘Highly rated’ – The Guardian

‘One of Britain’s most dedicated foragers’ – The Lady

A revelation!’ – BBC Good Food Magazine

Hi, I’m Robin Harford. Bestselling author of Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland and creator of Eatweeds.

When you come on one of my foraging courses, I will teach you how to safely identify wild edible plants and share with you the plant stories – including their past and present uses as food and medicine and their folklore and history.

I’ve been teaching full-time since 2008 when I established my wild food school. Many consider my wealth of knowledge to be exceptional.

The reality is I am simply a country lad (if someone over fifty can be called a lad) who is deeply in love with plants and wants to share what he has learned with others. So I look forward to seeing you at one of my events.

What You Will Learn

  • How to safely identify wild edible plants. Robin will share a unique practice he learned during his time with indigenous groups in South East Asia.
  • How to cook, prepare and preserve wild plants.
  • The past and present uses of wild plants as food and medicine.
  • The forgotten stories and folklore of wild plants found around Britain.
  • Sustainable foraging, safety, your rights and the law are also covered.

How Much Are The Devon Foraging Courses?

Tickets cost between £70-£250 per person, depending on the type of event.

How Large Are The Groups?

Groups in Exeter are usually no more than ten people. Honiton and Tiverton groups are a maximum of fourteen people.

Exeter Foraging Course Dates 2023

  • Sat, 25th March 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Sat, 8th April 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Sat, 22nd April 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Sat, 6th May 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Thu, 18th May 2023 – SOLD OUT

Honiton Foraging Course Dates 2023

  • Thu, 13th April 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Thu, 11th May 2023 – SOLD OUT

Tiverton Foraging Course Dates 2023

  • Thu, 30th March 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Thu, 6th April 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Thu, 20th April 2023 – SOLD OUT
  • Thu, 4th May 2023 – SOLD OUT

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About Robin Harford

Robin Harford of Eatweeds

I established my wild food foraging school in 2008, and my foraging courses are listed at the top of BBC Countryfile’s ‘Best foraging courses in the UK’.

I am the creator of Michelin chef Richard Corrigen recommended this site for inclusion in The Times Top 50 Websites For Food and Drink.

I have travelled extensively, documenting and recording wild food plants’ traditional and local uses in indigenous cultures. My work has taken me to Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe and the USA.

Occasionally I appear on national and local radio and television.

My work has been recommended in BBC Good Food magazine, Sainsbury’s magazine, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, etc.

I am also a member of the Society for Ethnobotany and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

Kind Words

Thank you very much, Robin, for something immensely more than learning about wild plants you can eat! I much appreciated the first half hour under a tree hearing your philosophy of foraging which absolutely chimed with – and put so much more eloquently – how I try to be amongst the natural world. I came home aware of a quiet but deep joy, and I’ve been telling my family and several friends about the walk ever since.

Margaret Turner

I was amazed to find that I had spent three hours completely absorbed in the world of wild plants, their properties (smell, taste, feel, etc) and uses when I have been able to do so little recently without pain and fatigue. I identified completely with your introductory talk under the lime tree relating to stress, the way we live and getting out of all that by being absorbed in the world around us that we just don’t see. The timing of your course in my own journey was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much.

Prof Peter A. Revell

Many thanks for a fascinating foraging expedition around beautiful Exeter last Saturday.  I discovered many edibles which I had previously just walked past, and it was very interesting also to hear your views on the nutritional values of wild foods as opposed to cultivated crops – it all made a lot of sense. It was very nice to meet you and to put a face to the name on my regular Eatweeds newsletter.

Christine Wilkins

Yes, we loved it completely!  have picked up a few bits today on my way home from work to show the family.

Carissa Langford

Many thanks for organising the day it was extremely informative. I will walk through towns and the countryside much more aware and with all my senses alert. I am also recommending you to friends and family.

Andrew Neligan

Many thanks for an extremely informative and engaging tour of edible Exeter. Rob and I enjoyed it very much and gained a lot from the experience, not just what to chomp on but your view of the great outdoors.

Lou Mogridge

The forage in Exeter was the most informative and inspiring walk that I have been on in ages.  I learned a lot and have already started using the knowledge that you so generously passed on in my own kitchen.  Definitely a new and fun interest! 

Dawn Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the wild food foraging course in Exeter. I thought it was brilliant. I truly resonated with everything you said, particularly about getting out of one’s head and into one’s body. Indeed that was my main motivation for joining, as I tend to be far to cerebral; and I need grounding. I am a Foreign Exchange Trader and often I operate far too much ‘in my head’. However, I tend to be a much better trader when I get out of my head, into my heart and body. 

Cynthia Brown