EP16: Herbalists without borders choose love over fear

I was delighted to finally get Becs Griffiths and Annwen Jones. Two members of the collective who organised the Radical Herbalism Gathering, to agree to an interview.

This time however I was interested in their new venture called Herbalists Without Borders (Bristol).

A cracking example of grassroots herbal medicine which provides free herbal healthcare to people fleeing conflict, persecution, and intolerable living conditions.

Show Notes

About Becs & Anwen

Becs Griffiths and Annwen Jones both trained as herbalists at University of East London and both gained first class honours degrees.

In her first year of practise as a herbalist, Becs worked at Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans alongside other medical staff to provide free primary healthcare in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This was a unique opportunity, and she gained valuable experience supporting people with chronic health problems.

Annwen started her herbal journey working in London as part of the Herbal Barge project alongside herbalist Melissa Ronaldson, taking herbal medicine to different parts of the city via the waterways, giving health advice to the public, making medicinal herbal products and harvesting herbs.

Then, in late 2010, Becs Griffiths established Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic in Bristol and in 2012 Annwen Jones joined her and they went on to build a very successful herbal clinic, helping many people one to one with their health. They also teach a number of short and longer courses in herbal medicine.

“We are passionate about teaching self-care herbal medicine, and through a series of short and longer courses we hope to pass that enthusiasm on to many more people. We feel it’s important for everyone to have basic knowledge of their bodies and the skills for preparing herbal treatments in the home for family and friends.”

Together they established the Bristol Herbalists without Borders project which is now a vibrant project with many volunteers, and are part of a collective who organise the Radical Herbalism gathering each year which attracts three hundred people.


  1. I am a herbalist here in Australia, how can I join you, and not reinvent the wheel. Great to hear my language being spoken. Social justice impacts on health. By the way i use apple cider engraving to make my tinctures at home. I like that I can show them how to make their own from teas prescribed. keep up the great work. Love the philosophy Cath

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