EP27: Be your own authority – a forager’s perspective

I rarely get in front of a camera or speak on podcasts. Yet last month my friend Chris Holland managed to persuade me to sit down with him for a chat.

Chris hosts the Talks With Tellers show. A programme where he asks guests to speak about the power of story to reconnect us with the ecosystem.

Yours truly (on this occasion) stupidly agreed.

Be warned. I don’t mince my words in this interview. For some unknown reason. I blame the rather large amount of coffee I had earlier, I just spoke my mind. I say some controversial things.

I do hope you get the gist of the interview and don’t judge me too much. Sometimes that old inner punk just can’t keep his trap shut!

Chris and I discuss:

  • the importance of restoring vital connection to the ecosystem.
  • why you are responsible for making change happen, not the government.
  • teaching plants through the power of story.
  • racist conservation NGOs.
  • empowering self and community through sensory-based nature practices and more.

Show Notes