EP03: Revisioning herbal medicine

An interview with Simon Mills, herbal practitioner and author of Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy, The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety, Dictionary of Modern Herbalism.

In this interview Simon’s talks about : Why plants are not pills. Taking back control of our health from experts, and much more.

Show Notes


  1. An inspirational talk about what herbalism really is, a method of healing the individual rather than merely treating symptoms, a pleasure to listen to.

    I have just noticed that Andrew Chevalier has a second edition of his book due out in July 2016 said to be “updated with the latest research”. On that subject I am wondering if Simon has any plans to revise The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety?

  2. I’ve heard that your to treat the whole body not just the symptoms, but what I’me more happy about is that younger people (aged 25 – 45) are becoming more aware of whats going into their bodies and taking control of their lives. They still need a little push on wild food/foraging and fresh organic herbs. Thanks to people like you the information, help and advice is there.. Thank you so much 馃檪

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