1. Thank you Robin for this nice excursion. I enjoyed it very much. Yes, I looked in the Net for pics and realized that I don’t know that Silver Wattle. I forgive myself because I moved from Latvia to England only 15 years ago and that was a big mystery for me to see many trees, shrubs and flowers that I couldn’t imagine that they exist, or I didn’t know that they could grow in England. Slowly I am going deeper in English language and plants jungle and I am very grateful that I found you to guide me, because I am very picky about vices. Your voice and speaking manner suits me. I can understand what you say.
    About this podcast. It would be great to hear more than one common name of plants. Maybe that way I could learn them?

  2. I really enjoyed your mini plant talk. I googled Silver Wattle as I didn’t know the name. I’m not sure I’ve seen it here in Cumbria but who knows now that I’m aware it may present itself. It’s a bit too soon for Berberis here in the North but I do know it, how nice to hear your experience of it though. Catkins we do have at the moment. I do personally go outside loads and watch what’s happening in the countryside, hedgerows, verges etc but I think a recording like this would give an extra dimension of things to watch out for and a new way of looking at already familiar plants. Thank you for sharing.

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