EP36: Nettle eater

Tom Hirons is a poet and storyteller. He lives with his partner on the edge of Dartmoor in the UK. In this interview we discuss his work and how as creative humans we can all express our inherent wildness through creative and magical acts.

Show notes

About Tom Hirons

Tom was born and raised on the Suffolk-Norfolk border in East Anglia,
but lived in Scotland for almost twenty years before gravitating to
Dartmoor in the Southwest of England. Tom has been storytelling publicly
for over 15 years, writing for much longer and now teaches storytelling
for Hedgespoken travelling storytelling theatre, of which he is co-founder.

Tom’s work has appeared all over the place. ‘Sometimes a Wild God’ is
fast becoming a subcultural passport or token of recognition, passing
from hand to hand and mouth to ear all about the world. ‘Nettle-Eater’
is making its own green path in the hearts of readers, and Tom is also
author of ‘Falconer’s Joy · Five Poems.’ All are published by
Hedgespoken Press.

Tom is currently working on three new collections of poetry, two of
which should be coming out in 2020 – ‘The Queen of Heaven’ and
‘Three-Legged Crow’.

Essentially a cheerful fellow driven to apoplexy and grief by the
madness of our times, Tom is calmed most effectively by walking on
Dartmoor, by sleeping in the deep greenwood and by the sound of true
words spoken.

Tom hopes his work provokes you into a deeper relationship with this
marvellous world, or sings a remembering song to you, or inspires some
kind of cathartic fit that takes you home via the stars… There’s much to
lament and grieve, and much to be angry about and take action against,
but to be alive is an incredible thing.


  1. I didn’t intend to listen to the whole podcast, life is hectic and barrelling towards my own personal ‘end of times.’ 🙂 However, my whole life flashed before my eyes. Not my history but my whole life as it is in this moment. You both spoke to me so elegantly in tune with my particular worldview that I couldn’t turn it off. I even had an “Ah-ha” moment that will change the direction of my endeavors. (To use a dictaphone instead of writing is so counter-intuitive yet hits the creative nail firmly on the thumb.) Thank you, both, for this enlightening episode.

  2. I opened this podcast yesterday, but within first three minutes I understood that it is not for listening in a hurry. So, today I rolled up myself on the sofa, armed me with a piece of knitting and this wonderful journey through the calming, spiritual and inspiring chat began. I almost was there with you, in my imagination, just knitting and watching you chatting and smiling at some of your theories, being glad of your discoveries and agreeing with most of things that I know. Thank you very much!
    With love, Aina

  3. I really enjoyed this, it was meaningful, honest and open. Two men thoughtfully sharing their innermost feelings. Ooodles of thanks ?

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