EP05: Remembering Frank Cook

Frank Cook was a herbalist, teacher, botanical explorer, activist and pollinator who turned people on to the abundance nature provides and the ability to self-actualise.

In this episode of the, friends of Frank Cook remember the man and his mission, and how he inspired thousands of people around the world to walk the Green Path.

Show Notes


  1. Cannot believe I’ve never heard of Frank Cook who has been to my home country South Africa! Feeling massively inspired, another great podcast, Thank You for Sharing this Robin, it has moved me quite some.

  2. A wonderful collection of Frank’s important thoughts, words and memories of him.
    An aspect of Frank’s life that continues to elude me is the fact that he had many ‘partners’ at one time of which I was one for fifteen years, but there is so little said about this in the articles about him, recordings of his life choices and even in interviews.
    He was not secret about his open relationships and I wonder why there aren’t more conversations with his other partners to honor an important choice that he made for himself.
    There were atleast three other women in Frank’s life when Mary Morgaine and I were partnered with him.
    I believe the correct wording on her interview above would be ‘one of Frank’s partners. Thank you.

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