Table of Contents

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  • Articles: I’ve been told I have a unique approach to foraging and nature connection. This section explores some of my thinking on our relationship with plants.
  • Mindful in Nature: a six-part audio class that teaches embodied nature connection practices to help foster positive feelings for yourself and the rest of nature.
  • Plants A to Z: a comprehensive A to Z directory of wild plants. You’ll learn their past and present uses as food and medicine. I regularly update it.
  • Podcast: an audio journey through the wonderfully wild world of plants exploring their past and present uses in human culture. The show has been downloaded over 200,000 times by people in over forty countries.
  • Recipes: you’ll find hundreds of creative ways to cook and preserve wild food. The section lists the plants alphabetically for ease of use.
  • The Green Path: a seven-part audio class on embodied nature connection. It teaches practical ways to reconnect to plants, self and soil.
  • Videos: a selection of videos I have produced on foraging.
  • What’s in Season: tells you which plants to harvest each month as you forage through the year.