Foraging as an act of reverence

Reverence exists all around.

The smile of a child.

The kiss of the rain after a long dry spell.

The smell of Land as she sighs in delight for simply existing.

Reverence for self and soil.

The first meeting point starts with breath.

Where we go from there is up to us.

With so much darkness spouted over the digital airwaves. So much anger at what is being done to the Earth.

It is time to notice that when a finger points, three point back to ourselves.

Anger serves no purpose.

As the Buddha says:

It simply burns the hand of the one holding the hot coal of anger.

To see the trauma of the Earth – is to see the trauma deep in ourselves.

To heal what we have done to the world – we need to start healing self.

Forgiving self for all the harshness we may have spoken. Or thought. Or acted out.

If we protest, we must do so with a kind, loving, open heart.

The exact opposite of how we might feel at the injustices done in the name of progress and civilisation.

The un-civilised feel, the civilised do not.

To feel deeply. Intimately.

We must first listen deeply. Intimately.

Listening deeply is the start of creating…

…compassionate relationship.

It’s how we learn to heal ourselves. Our communities.

Its how we empower ourselves. Each other.

Deep listening is not about fixing others. It is about allowing the listening space to be filled with presence and reverence.

It is about this moment. Right here. Right now.

However we find ourselves. Whatever we feel.

Can you be with another’s pain and joy?

Can you be with yourself?

We cannot start this journey without first cultivating…

…honest reflection.

Not fantasy created by the crazy head.

Not fanciful theories and explanations.

Just sitting still.

Observing and feeling the currents that flow through our bones. Our being.

Not running from that which is within. However hard it is to face.

Yet face it we must. Face it with kindness.

To not face it. To not come to a loving acceptance of our flaws as well as our gifts, means we walk this earth lopsided.

Pointing fingers at others. While running from the shadows of our own soul.

Sitting with plants, means sitting with self.

Breathing with plants, means breathing with self.

Not running away. Not trying to change anything.

Just clear honest acceptance of who we are as humans.

Without that, we will continue to pollute the earth with the same darkness we have been doing for millennia.

Ever since we became a static species instead of wanderers. When we gently followed the flow of life.

As simple as a child walking hand in hand with a loving parent.

We are so young as a species. So full of ourselves and our puffery.

That we oftentimes forget the simple.

That which makes life exquisite.


And taste the very nectar that exists in each perfect moment.

How simple to be human. Oh, how easy to forget.

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