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Recently voted the best foraging courses in the UK by BBC Countryfile, Robin Harford will teach you how to identify wild edible plants. Author of numerous foraging guide books, his wealth of knowledge is exceptional.

Robin will teach you the stories of wild plants including their past and present uses as food and medicine, as well as their folklore and history.

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I also work with a couple of other foraging instructors. People who teach in the same way I do and whose professionalism and skill set I fully back.

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About Robin Harford

About Robin Harford Forager - Foraging Courses

Your guide and teacher on these foraging courses will be Robin Harford. Robin is a plant-based forager, wild food educator and has published numerous foraging guide books.

He has been teaching people about their local edible landscape since 2008. His events were recently voted the best foraging courses in the UK by BBC Countryfile.

Robin travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures, and more recently his work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia and Europe.

He is a co-director of Plants & Healers International, a non-profit that connects people, plants and healers around the world.

What people are saying about Robin Harford’s foraging courses

Thank you so much for teaching us so much about foraging. It was very inspiring for the whole team, and we will definitely put the knowledge into practice. – Peter & Juliet Kindersley, Owners of Neal’s Yard Remedies

We absolutely loved the course: fascinating and deeply therapeutic. Robin is a brilliant communicator and his courses are excellent value for money too. – Naomi Cleaver, Channel 4 & Sky Presenter

It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you in person. I could have listened to you all day as you transported us to a whole new level of awareness of not only the plants we got to see, smell and taste, but also the relationship that is possible with our natural environment that most of us have lost over just a single generation. Your enthusiasm for this relationship with nature simply boils over in floods until we were all soaked through to our very souls. – Richard & Debbie Stansfield

It was great. You are very inspiring. My husband said I said hardly anything to him when we went out for a walk yesterday, I was in another world! I really look forward to meeting you and learning from you again. – Emily Mascarenhas

Thank you very much Robin, for something immensely more than learning about wild plants you can eat! I much appreciated the first half hour under a tree hearing your philosophy of foraging which absolutely chimed with – and put so much more eloquently – how I try to be amongst the natural world. I came home aware of a quiet but deep joy, and I’ve been telling my family and several friends about the walk ever since. – Margaret Turner

Thank you sooo much for yesterday, it was fab we loved it! – Carissa Langford

Many thanks for organising the day it was extremely informative. I will walk through towns and the countryside much more aware and with all my senses alert. I will also be sure to recommend you to friends and family. – Andrew Neligan

Many thanks for an extremely informative and engaging tour of edible Exeter. Rob and I enjoyed it very much and gained a lot from the experience, not just what to chomp on but your view of the great outdoors. We realise how lucky we are to be able to earn a living outdoors as gardeners, and though we already appreciate the amazing nature that surrounds us, you have given us a new way of seeing what’s there (and touching, smelling, tasting). We can now get a free lunch when working! – Jonathan Keeping

I was amazed to find that I had spent three and a half hours completely absorbed in the world of wild plants, their properties (smell, taste, feel, etc) and uses when I have been able to do so little recently without pain and fatigue. – Peter Revell

The forage was the most informative and inspiring walk that I have been on in ages. I learned a lot and have already started using the knowledge that you so generously passed on in my own kitchen. Definitely a new and fun interest which I will use daily, pass on to others, and hopefully my own knowledge and confidence will grow consistently. – Mike Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the wild food foraging course last Sunday. I thought it was brilliant. I truly resonated with everything you said, particularly about getting out of one’s head and into one’s body. – Cynthia Browne

Thank you Robin for a most enjoyable few hours in your very knowledgeable company, learning much much more than we would have if studying a book. You have incredible insight into the world of flora and you are a wonderful, patient teacher. You have opened a whole new world to us, transforming pretty hedgerows into banquets. Quiet contemplative walks will never be the same again with all the ‘weeds’ crying out to be noticed and enjoyed! – Matthew Gatland

Punk ambassador for the plant kingdom, Robin’s infectious encyclopaedic enthusiasm is borne from complete commitment to his chosen field. He imparts practical wisdom with engaging confidence, nurturing embodied understanding to lay open the mysteries of the cornucopia at our feet. – Michael Kusz

Many thanks for an inspiring and informative walk on Sunday! The whole experience far surpassed my expectations, your knowledge and passion for the subject shone through. As a medical herbalist it was interesting to learn of the culinary and historic uses of some of the plants which I would prescribe therapeutically, and also to connect with them in their natural environment (I predominantly use tinctures or dried herbs in my practise, so sometimes feel quite detached from the plant itself). Overall it was a fantastic experience which I would recommend to anybody who wants to reconnect with nature and gain a better appreciation and understanding of the living world around us. I’m very much looking forward to the next course. – Lucy Marquis

I got so much from the forage with you, I expected walking around just introducing us to the foods that grow around us which of course you did but I got so much more and you certainly did give me food for thought. I have always eaten what my body has told me to eat and you just reinforced that your body does know you best. Thank you for an enjoyable thought provoking couple of hours. I hope you have written a book for future reference. – Denise Wilson

Enjoyable, interesting, stimulating and informative. Much food for thought and body. Really recommend this experience. Best money I have spent in ages. – Sonia Perry

I would just like to say thank you for a wonderful day of foraging. You made the day very educational and enjoyable in the way that you led us through the many plants (edible and not) and how you taught us to appreciate them using all of our senses. I am not sure that my taste buds have yet got over the range of flavours that they experienced today. The meal at the end of the day was delicious and was a great way to see the end result of the foraging put into practice. I am really looking forward to using my new found knowledge of these plants to liven up my salads and cookery. It is now a new skill that I will never forget and will want to grow over time. Many thanks. – Artie Edmonds

Informative and clearly very knowledgeable about all things wild food. I felt safe under your guidance and the passion certainly rubbed off on me, inspiring me to learn more about edible wild plants and their many uses. – Elliot Kett

Thanks for the walk around Oxford, it was very informative. You’re obviously very passionate about plants and this comes across even more in person than over the web. Although I live in the countryside and also work in it, I came away with a greater understanding of the plants around us that I already knew as well as learning alot of new plants out of the 30 or more you showed us that morning. – George Williams

Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative morning. You really know your subject and convey it in an entertaining, charming and engaging way, full of anecdotes which include personal experimentation. I also like the way you talk about drawing aside a veil to become in tune with the plant world, and plant intelligence. – Jonathan Keeping

Thank you for an extremely interesting couple of hours or so. It was fascinating to taste so many plants I had previously thought of as inedible. I was worried there would not be much to find at this time of year, but I needn’t have been. Thanks again for a great morning,  I will certainly recommend the experience to others. – Kevin Frost

A great walk, really informative and inspiring. Highly recommended to all, including many friends and family so far. – Jess Plumbe

I travelled 80 miles to get to the walk but feel I made a wise decision. I found the walk stimulating and empowering. I knew of some of these edible plants before but had never plucked up the nerve to try them. Last weekend, I went out near my home and found nine edible plants, tasted six and collected four to eat later. – Lee Leatham

I found you forage very informative. I was a bit sad to realise that the weeds I have been trying to eradicate from my veg patch for years should have been feeding me not the compost. However, I know better now! Walking in our urban area I have spotted various edibles and look forward to experimenting. – Vera Scott

Thanks for the brilliant course, it was amazing how many edible plants we came across in a short walk on a mid February morning. We particularly enjoyed Robin’s stories on how the plants have been used throughout history. A great day and we will be returning for another walk soon. – Gary Conway

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, thanks. Great start inside the yew and very informative throughout. Certainly sparked my interest, as I think I mentioned and I love the idea of foraging to create assorted, small dishes to compliment meals. I also love soups so the pottage could be a winner. – Damian Myerscough

Thanks again for the walk, it was very informative, interesting and interactive. I was also surprised to see just what was available in a relatively small area. i would certainly consider attending another walk in the future, perhaps with the cooking demo at the end. – Stephen Bottomley

I was quite amazed with the number of plants available for foraging given the cold wet winter. Your knowledge and enthusiasm was inspiring and kept at bay the cold damp conditions of the morning. I had hoped to learn a few plants that might help my very limited diet due to highly sensitive food intolerances. I can say the course more than filled that need and I look forward to foraging for the 24 plants you showed us and learning how best to cook them. A wonderful experience that I hope I will continue to add to. – Caroline Mathias

You have so much information to share on wild plants, which I found fascinating.  I am really a beginner in the world of foraging, but it has given me much more confidence in identifying plants which are good to eat, and has broadened my selection of wild salad which was previously restricted to nettles and dandelions! I would definitely like to join you again for another of your foraging courses! – Pauline McCrann

Thank you so very much for an amazing day yesterday. I absolutely loved every minute! – Anna Zrelli

Finding your course literally on my doorstep was amazing! Reading books is no substitute for a good teacher and the actual experience of getting in there and tasting. I feel plants have been calling me to interact more deeply with them for some years and this course was kind of the inspiration and permission I felt I needed to really listen to that call. There are others like me out there! So I went out the next day and started exploring and picking and made a beautiful salad and a soup. The hedgerows are an all out explosion of abundance in species and quantity here -very exciting. It also feels really empowering to be able to pick your own wild food. Am really looking forward to attending more of your wild food events, especially the seashore one, as this will be completely new for me. – Alison Holmbrook

Thank you so much for the guided walk around Otterton. I’ve always wondered as I’ve walked the dogs in the countryside or even just walking to the shops, and seen the different plants in walls, hedges or growing at the side of the road if they were edible and if so what they tasted like. I attended a bushcraft course a few years ago and learned to identify a few plants and trees which I bored my poor wife with every time she came with me, so to watch someone with such a depth of knowledge and passion for their subject has inspired me to develop my own foraging ability (safely of course) and taste the free seasonal delights that nature chooses to give us (Denise is now pointing out plants too). We hope to join you again soon for another assault on our culinary senses. – Martin Mills

The wild food walk took us no more than a mile in 2hrs. In that time we were introduced to over 25 plants that up until now have simply been wandered past or ignored as weeds. Their uses, taste and method of preparation were all covered, giving us a brand new larder to choose from – all free too! I would personally like to thank Robin. His knowledge and appreciation for the natural world is quite clearly without compare and it was our privilege to have entered his world, if only for a brief time. – Major John Hayward

As a herbalist I really enjoyed my foraging with Robin. The group was really friendly with a good mix of experience. I think Robin is doing vital work in bringing a greater awareness of our precious green allies to the general public. I really loved his introduction that we would go and greet the plants in their own habitat and that we all got to pick and experience the plants ourselves. What makes his course so good is that he talks from personal experience of not just identifying the plants but of using them himself at home. If you get the chance to go, don’t hesitate it’s really special. – Jo Oliver

Really enjoyed the morning, it was very informative and intensive. We covered over 30 plants in 2hrs which was plenty for me. You have great depth of knowledge which was put across very clearly. – Steve Capewell

I got a lot of inspiration from the course, it reinforced for me the near magical presence of the natural world around us that we feel as children but can get to be just a memory as we get taller and further away from the ground, more involved with the life of the mind and the demands of coping with life as it is largely lived now. Since the course I have been eating my nettles everyday and feel really energised. Luckily I have a garden that has a few wild areas (well – that sounds more grand than it is – I have not got around to weeding and cultivating so there is a 17 year growth of nettles etc) and woodland to go and wander around. The more I look the more variety I see and like you (I think), feel that there is a whole native knowledge of plants that is there to be rediscovered – hooray for the common ground! I found it very useful to be reminded of some plants that I knew as a child but had forgotten and the tips on what to do with them were great. – Ruth Beal

We both enjoyed your foraging walk finding it informative and interesting. It is a subject that we are both keen on exploring further and found that walking with you was akin to an interactive encyclopedia full of fascinating facts on a subject that you are clearly passionate about. We are currently following your advice and trying out different species each week. – Nikki Booth

Thank you for a lovely forage. You really opened my eyes, I had no idea how common or easy to find wilds foods are. I am now going out regularly to find the plants you showed us and develop an eye for spotting them. – Wayne Fantauzzi

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the wild food foraging walk, last week. You have inspired me to go out and fetch something for supper everyday. I shall definitely spread the good news. It was fun and above all so very informative. I knew absolutely nothing about edible wild food – ‘weeds’. Now I look at everything in the garden with great respect. You have a wonderful way with plants and your sense of humour is second to none. – Pam Gonzalez

Firstly a huge thank you for a brilliant foraging walk on Sunday. We both really loved it. We were both a bit worried that you’d open our eyes up to all kinds of wild foods that we wouldn’t be able to recognise again and that we’d end up too uncertain to do any foraging for ourselves but you have a talent for breaking it down into simple “bitesize” chunks (excuse the pun!) and we are confident we can do some simple foraging without poisoning ourselves. I’m not sure Jono is up to having his bad back treated by being whipped with nettles though! Really informative and inspiring! Thank you. – Harriet Hancock

Thanks for a wonderful day. I’d been looking into foraging for a while, and had tried a few things, but the variety of wild foods you were able to show us in such a small area, and the  wonderful meal we cooked together using what we found really opened my eyes to much greater possibilities. My children tried the risotto we made and pronounced it delicious and amazing. I’ll be looking for those recipes on the Eat Weeds site and reproducing them for my family! – Diana Davies

I found it totally absorbing and very informative. I learnt a lot about edible plants, seeds etc. and also to have the confidence to experiment. It was definitely the best ‘course’ I’ve done in a long time. – Alison Kerruish

Thanks very much for the walk and all the invaluable information! I haven’t stopped talking to friends and family about it. I especially liked the way you combined knowledge about the plants within a historical context. My prior knowledege was practically non existant, but your enthusiasm has inspired me to start ‘grazing’ and learn more! Can’t wait to try a nettle infusion. – Chris Cooper

Just a quickie to say how much I enjoyed the wild food walk this morning. The two hours just flew by listening to all the fascinating things you were telling us about the many plants you were identifying. – Penny Downing

I just wanted to say thanks, the foraging course was excellent and really good fun. I have managed to identify edible food on my travels and its been most satisfying. I will most definitely be coming back on the next course. – Neeta Patel

The walk was highly informative, good fun and to be recommended to anyone who wants to take up eating wild plants or wants to become more aware of their place in nature. A good starting point with a teacher whose infectious technique will have you picking and eating all kinds as you go round. Even in The Byes in Sidmouth there are plants which can polish you off quicker than you can say ‘Water Hemlock Dropwort’. So pay attention and try only that which you’re told by Robin is ok to eat. – Tim Knight

It was a very enjoyable couple of hours. I really liked the “gourmet forager” approach; lots of tasty items to add to the plate, some of them very different and unusual, others similar or reminiscent of more familiar foods. After this morning, I’m now confident of several plants, and hope to start from there and build up little-by-little. I’m definitely a fan now of nettles, and will be gathering and using plenty in the coming months, can tell my wild garlic from my three-cornered leek, and will be chomping my way through a few Monterey Pines (and various pine nuts) and Pennyworts. – Brent Nelson

Wild foods pointed out and carefully described by Robin, combined with histories or anecdotes lend more than charm to a day in the countryside. Confidence increases as he takes one through a meadow bursting with hitherto undiscovered treasures. The meal which sometimes follows (if one gets lucky) is prepared from the bounty collected and prepared by all—a feast of fresh and vibrant salads, hearty soups, pickles and more. The next day I continued to feel satiated—and not just on the food. I felt a new burst of energy, such as I have never had with frozen foods or supermarket veg. Find out for yourself. – A. R. Korula, PhD

We all much enjoyed yesterday’s walk & have spent lots of time talking about it, telling other people & trying to remember & identify plants we saw. – Mary O’Hara

It was a great morning. It gave me a new impetus and confidence to forage more, to go beyond the ID-ing. Some of the plants I was pretty sure about but that re-inforcement of knowledge made me realise I’m on the right track but still have a lot to learn. – Richard Knott

We both really enjoyed you sharing the the knowledge you have obviously spent a lot of time working on, we enjoyed the whole experience and since we met you we have been looking at the plants we see lying around as more of a meal than we did before. – Matthew Lowry

I thought today was just brilliant. Since childhood I’ve had a deep, private, personal awareness of wild plants. Out of doors, I’ve always nibbled garlic mustard and alexanders, salad burnet and wood sorrel, and harvested samphire and ramsons to cook, but this was a revelation. Never thought of eating ivy-leaved toadflax or stitchwort. And we touched on interesting environmental, philosophical and spiritual issues. – Frances Brown

I was amazed at how much could be foraged in such a short length of lane. The other thing that surprised me was that I had pre-judged most small plants to taste ‘grassy – no flavour’ and this was definitely not the case. Your information of how to prepare/use/cook plants was really helpful. All in all an inspiring couple of hours. – Nicki Woodgate

Really enjoyed the walk! Mum said that she enjoyed it so much that it was the best day out that she’s had in ages! It was set at an enjoyable pace and very informative. It was amazing to see plants in a truely differently light. I have always had an interest in plants and wildlife, but I didn’t realise just how many of them were edible and useful to us. My husband and I go on many walks with the children, but now I will be able to see it as a ‘shopping trip’ too! I will definitely be foraging in the future and hopefully for years to come. I love to cook and I love to experiment, salads being one of my favourite and I grow alot of my own ingredients. So I was delighted to discover loads of new leaves that I can add just by taking a quick walk… fab! – Rebbeca Marcil

We both really enjoyed the walk, thank you very much! I found it really interesting learning about and identifying the different plants and would love to learn more! I really like the idea of foraging, and eating wild, seasonal food. We would both like to come on another walk soon, and will follow the website and newsletter. – Sam Brown

We joined Robin for a foraging walk from Treloan campsite, on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. The day of the walk, the weather couldn’t have been worse – a low sea mist and a buffetting wind that brought in sheets of drenching rain. Despite all that, we spent a a really stimulating and enjoyable one and a half hours in Robin’s company, getting a first taste of the abundant supplies of ‘wild’ food that surrounds us, on our beaches and in our fields and hedgerows. Robin’s enthusiasm for his subject constantly bubbles out of him together with a passionate advocacy for a more balanced, more sustainable way of living. Our holiday was transformed – now not only seeing and observing the countryside but also eating it! – David Blackmore

I wanted to reiterate just how much I enjoyed your foraging course the other day!  Like many others, I am well aware that we are surrounded by ‘food for free’, but nothing emphasises this as much as going out and looking for it! Illustrations do not beat plodding along, collecting your own food.  Like the others on the course, I only actually focused on and remembered a few of the plants you identified, but I am sure that we were similar in that each one struck a chord of taste or use!  Hence the plantains, the nettles, the pennyroyal and the two types of vetch made a particular impact on me. Cooking/preparing one’s spoils for lunch was a brilliant aspect of the course, and added to the feeling of camaraderie that this foraging experience created. Thank you! – Penny Thom

Thank you for running such an enjoyable and interesting walk. I knew many of the plants you showed us but about half the plants you showed us I had never tried eating or didn’t know at all, so it was great to learn that they were edible and to give them a try. On several occasions in the past I have popped Himalayan Balsam seed pods, not knowing they were edible! As for the other half of the plants that you showed us, that I did know and had tried before, I still found it fascinating to learn all the new things you had to share about them and your enthusiasm for the plants was infectious! – Thomas Blackmore

I really enjoyed the walk, the history that you brought into it was fascinating. I have not stopped telling people about it and getting my friends and kids to try various plants. I am surprised by how many of the names I have managed to remember. I went for a walk with a friend this evening and found lots of the plants that we came across on our walk, I must have walked past them a million times before but now they all mean something. What’s more is that I felt really clever with the few little snippets of information that I managed to remember . I will definitely be coming on another outing with you at some stage and will probably be buying a new tree for my garden because I loved the taste of those fluffy seeds we tried on the way back to our cars. (My friend loves them too). Thanks for a very interesting morning, I think you’d do well with a TV series about foraging. My family would certainly watch and enjoy it! – Jeannette Sutherland

We really enjoyed the walk and all the info you gave us. The two hours seemed to fly by! You certainly have a great deal of knowledge on the subject including historical background and we will almost definitely be joining you again for another course. – Ruth Ord

Many thanks for the great morning on Saturday. I learnt so much, not least what to do with the ‘weeds’ in my garden, and so much more. The group was interesting and entertaining, and we had such beautiful weather. – Sue Burrett