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What is GATHER?

Led by Robin Harford, GATHER is a "wild wellbeing" community.

We are different from other online learning spaces. First, we are not an app. We are not a course or academy. We are a community.

Second, we don't view foraging as a passing trend. It is an ancient practice that helps restore connection to the natural world. A path to peace, contentment and serenity. A way to become empowered and resilient.

GATHER is for anyone who loves plants.

It is about going deep into the plant world.

If this is you, welcome.

Pip Martin Testimonial

Pip Martin

"My love of the plants and my interaction with them was given a massive boost by your knowledge. I am now starting the pre-study for a PhD in Mycology. Your enthusiasm for the world around us is infectious, thank you."

Benefits of being a member...

  •  A COPY OF FORAGERS' NOTEBOOK EVERY WEEK, showcasing a wild plant through its food, medicine and other uses, including its folklore and history.

  • Each notebook comes with FULL COLOUR, HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS, to help identify the plant correctly.

  • From April through November, you get an AUDIO WALK AND TALK sent out once a month. It's like going out on a personal forage with Robin.

  • You get ON-DEMAND PLANT VIDEOS, when the things discussed in the audios need further explanation. Like poisonous lookalikes!

  • Starting Spring 2019 you get a MONTHLY AUDIO NATURE THERAPY PRACTICE to enhance your mental wellbeing.

  • 20% OFF EVERY FORAGING EVENT run by Robin Harford

  • CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY MEMBERS via our private forum.

Richard Corrigan
Chef, author & Great British Menu judge

"Robin Harford is so passionate about foraging. What he doesn’t know about, it isn’t worth knowing about."

Plants are the foundation of human culture

They are 400 million years old. Modern humans a mere 200,000 years old.

Our existence would not be possible without plants.

When we are born, and then throughout our entire life, every breath we take has been given to us by plants.

In the past our knowledge of the plant kingdom went deep … very deep.

They feed, clothe and heal us.

It is through relearning the myths, folklore and stories of plants and how they have nourished and healed us, that we deepen our sense of belonging to the natural world.

Restore our vital connection.

My singular goal is to help people reimagine and recreate a floral culture that puts plants centre stage in every household.

“Just had a quick look at your foraging notebook. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.” – Maxine Hoy
“I’ve just started reading your wonderful ‘notebook’. I have a small amount of knowledge of folklore, and wild herbology, and find your extensive writings absolutely absorbing.” – Mandy Conway
“Thank you so much. You are a real inspiration and I recently enrolled on a herbalist course as a result”. Suzi Tennyson

I look forward to welcoming you into our plant community.