Green Walnut Ketchup: A Wild Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Alternative

  • 400g green walnuts (washed)
  • 2 onions (roughly chopped)
  • 2 garlic cloves (roughly chopped)
  • 15g sea salt
  • 600ml cider vinegar
  • 2 mace blades
  • 8 black peppercorns
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 100ml of mirin wine

Roughly chop the onions and garlic. Add them with green walnuts and sea salt to a food processor. Pulse until broken up. Spoon into a 2-litre wide-mouthed Kilner jar. 

Pour in the cider vinegar, stir and close the lid. Leave to infuse for ten days stirring once a day.

After ten days, strain and pour into a saucepan along with the spices. Simmer for 15 mins. Strain again and pour into sterilised bottles.


  1. Hi
    Amazing synchronicity just been pickling green walnuts as a potential food source for winter, hopeful as always!

    Will gather more to try this recipe thanks?

  2. Lovely!!! Lots growing near me and I’ve never known what to do with them. But … no idea what mace leaves are and even less of an idea what mirin wine is? Can these bits be left out or substituted?

  3. Just a thought, Robin. Would this sauce act as a vermifuge or is it just the black walnut leaves that have this property? Can you use unripe black walnuts for this recipe?

    • I am talking about English Walnut Juglans regia. It’s the fruit rinds and oil that dispel tapeworm, etc.

      I assume you are in the US, so I don’t know, but I’m sure green Black Walnuts will work equally for the recipe. Dunno about the medicine.

  4. I recently read that green walnut husks are high in iodine, but the source of this information was questionable. Having a family member with hyperthyroidism, I’m wondering if that is true? This recipe sounds fantastic!

  5. Yes-it is absolutely great…!Thank you very much Robin…!
    By the Green Walnut by my own experince and opinion the Green Walnut is a miracle plant-with a huge health beneficence.
    Do you know the Green Walnut jam?It is fantastic
    As I am often saying the Green Walnut jam is so as the music of the Jimi Hendrix-if you like/percive that music/jam then you will be a absolutely fan of that forever… ……

  6. Great recipe but my walnuts have already formed shells. I’ll have to wait till next year now. But I’m fermenting some in red wine to make a walnut flavoured apéritif.
    Thanks Robin

  7. Hi Robin,
    Unfortunately, too late here in Normandie! There’s a famous ‘vin noix’ made here from green walnuts, calvados, red wine and sugar. The local wisdom is that they must be picked before Bastille Day, so the nuts haven’t formed the shell, but I made pickled walnuts early July one year and though I checked each one with a needle, when we came to eat them, the darned things had shells. I’ll save this recipe and try it next year,
    many thanks for your wonderful recipes

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