How to collect, dry & store dulse

Collect your dulse (Palmaria palmata) from a clean seashore. I collect my dulse off a beach which is MCS recommended. This means it has the highest water quality standards.

Step 1

Make sure that you cut your dulse just above the holdfast, leaving a little bit of the stalk and the blade. This allows the dulse to regrow.

The holdfast is the section of the plant that attaches the seaweed to the rock. Don’t just pull the dulse off the rocks as this will break the holdfast and the plant won’t be able to regrow.

Step 2

Rinse the dulse in cold water, and then spin dry in a salad spinner. If you are particularly paranoid about “germs” then pour a cupful of hydrogen peroxide into the water and leave to soak over night. If you do this, you will leach out the sea salt and have a very bland snack. But that’s okay if you are going to be adding your dulse to dishes rather than eating on its own.

Step 3

Lay your dulse in a food dehydrator, and dry for between 30-60 minutes depending on quantity and thickness of your dulse.

After drying store your dulse in an airtight container. I eat my dulse as is, or mix into rice dishes or soak to rehydrate and add it to salads etc.


  1. Thank you, there are so many benefits in seaweed and I usually buy the packets, always worry that I collect the wrong types when doing it myself but going to get a dehydrator and give it a bash.

  2. My Mom was from Fanad in Ireland. Her childhood home was by the sea and
    O how she loved the dulse. I remember my own childhood was touched
    by dulse. When the package arrived in America, my Mom would tear it open
    so quick and there she be, a mouthful of delicious seaweed! Thank you for
    your wonderful site. I enjoyed so much reading about the dulse.

  3. I’m wondering if you can share how much the Dulse shrinks in weight when dry. So if you had 100g fresh Dulse what does it weigh after drying out? It wine very useful to know! Thank you.

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