Lime Flower & Himalayan Balsam Vitamin Water

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On a beautiful hot English summer afternoon I went picking Lime Flowers (Tilia Spp.) and Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) flowers. The scent from the Lime made my head reel as I drifted into reverie.

Being of a sober nature these days I get tired of hearing that the only drinks foragers make are ones that include alcohol, and in most cases get you mind bendingly whacked out of your head.

These days I choose to get drunk on Life, with nothing stronger than an espresso passing my lips. That wasn’t always the case I have to say, it’s just that I’ve now discovered better, healthier, more natural and stimulant free ways to experience ecstasy!

Enter the world of vitamin waters, or sobriety drinks as I call them. This one will hopefully have you purring with delight.


  • 100g lime flowers
  • 30 Himalayan/Indian balsam flowers
  • 2tbsp clear honey or 15 dates.
  • 2 litres water

Suggested Instructions

  1. Put ingredients into a 2 litre clip top Kilner jar and stir until honey has dissolved.
  2. Allow to stand in direct sunlight on a windowsill for 2 days stirring morning and night.
  3. Serve either warm or ice cold. If you let the concoction stand for 4 days you’ll end up with a naturally effervescent drink, but it will be slightly more tart.

Makes: 2 litres


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