Lime Flower & Himalayan Balsam Vitamin Water

On a beautiful hot English summer afternoon I went picking Lime Flowers (Tilia Spp.) and Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) flowers. The scent from the Lime made my head reel as I drifted into reverie.

Being of a sober nature these days I get tired of hearing that the only drinks foragers make are ones that include alcohol, and in most cases get you mind bendingly whacked out of your head.

These days I choose to get drunk on Life, with nothing stronger than an espresso passing my lips. That wasn’t always the case I have to say, it’s just that I’ve now discovered better, healthier, more natural and stimulant free ways to experience ecstasy!

Enter the world of vitamin waters, or sobriety drinks as I call them. This one will hopefully have you purring with delight.


  • 100g lime flowers
  • 30 Himalayan/Indian balsam flowers
  • 2tbsp clear honey or 15 dates.
  • 2 litres water

Suggested Instructions

  1. Put ingredients into a 2 litre clip top Kilner jar and stir until honey has dissolved.
  2. Allow to stand in direct sunlight on a windowsill for 2 days stirring morning and night.
  3. Serve either warm or ice cold. If you let the concoction stand for 4 days you’ll end up with a naturally effervescent drink, but it will be slightly more tart.

Makes: 2 litres

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  1. Thank you Robin – this is perfect timing. I’ve been sniffing the newly blossoming lime trees and feeling like eating them!! Take care, Becky

  2. No Himalayan Balsam flowers out right now but lots of lime – what would you substitute for the HB?

  3. Hi, are you a friend of Bill and Bob? Also is there a danger if the mixture going off? On a hot window sill for two days will bacterial Load be massive?

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