List of edible magnolia flowers

There is apparently no known toxicity to magnolia (unless you have an allergy). However I wanted to find magnolia species that have traditionally been used in human culture and recorded in the food record.

Outside the list below, you are on your own. Personally I try them all and my friend Kim Walker who works at Kew did an interesting magnolia taste test with a colleague.

According to Thomas Elpel in his fantastic book Botany in a Day (6th edition), there are 7 genera and about 220 species in the magnolia family.

I have spent considerable time exploring which species have edible magnolia flowers. Below is a list of the ones that I have found in the ethnobotanical record. It is by no means an exhaustive list.

Edible Magnolia Flowers

  • Magnolia coco 2
  • Magnolia grandiflora 2, 3
  • Magnolia denudata 2, 3
  • Magnolia hypoleuca 2, 3
  • Magnolia kobus 2, 3
  • Magnolia liliflora 6
  • Magnolia mexicana 5
  • Magnolia pterocarpa 2
  • Magnolia soulangeana 1

Edible Magnolia Flower Recipes


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  1. The trouble with these type of recipes is many/most of us will have a magnolia not on your list. Are the others not worth trying, not tested, or just maybe not recommended, for whatever reason? Are any magnolias dangerous when used in this way?

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