Magnolia Flower Vinegar

This magnolia flower vinegar recipe is something to die for. Within 24 hours it has turned from clear to a deep pink, and the flavour, well it has to be tasted to be believed!

Why not try this magnolia flower recipe today? It’s quick, easy and cheap to do, and the end result is awesome.


  • 1 jam jar with rust resistant lid
  • 1 bottle of white rice wine vinegar
  • edible magnolia flowers (best to nibble first to find the sweetest most flavoured)

Suggested Instructions

  1. Stuff as many magnolia flowers and flowers buds into the jar as you can fit. Press them down well.
  2. Next pour over the vinegar, and cap.
  3. Store in a cupboard for at minimum one week, and the longer the better is best.

Use in salad dressings, over steamed fish, drizzled with oil over sauteed vegetables, in a sweet dressing on exotic fruits like papaya, mango, kiwi etc. and in any other imaginative ways you can come up with.

Serves: As big as your bottle, as greedy as your glugs.