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Devon Foraging Courses - Robin Harford

Hi there, I’m Robin Harford, bestselling author of Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland and a BBC Countryfile recommended foraging teacher.

Wild Food Mentor is the result of teaching foraging full-time for over fifteen years. As well as writing and publishing many books on wild plants.

Imagine you’re out on a walk and spot a plant. You sit down next to it, take out your mobile phone and open the Wild Food Mentor dashboard. Then watch as I personally teach you about the plant.

It’s like having me right by your side as your personal plant guide.

This teaching style, using video, is an immersive experience. It’s as close to an in-person private foraging course as you can get.

You get notified by email when I publish a new lesson. Use on any mobile device that has data (internet access). Or watch on your laptop or desktop computer.

The delivery of the lessons is designed for people on the go.

The benefit of sitting with a plant is seeing where it’s growing—seeing what other plants are growing in the same habitat.

You’re able to feel and sense the environment where it grows. You can look, touch, smell and feel the plant.

It is an immersive experience and a fun way to learn that is dynamic, fluid and flexible to your lifestyle.

Another benefit of joining Wild Food Mentor is the community discussions and monthly Q&A Zoom gatherings.

These happen at least once a month between March and November. If you cannot attend, that’s fine, as the sessions are recorded.

You can ask any questions, as I’m here to help you become a safe, confident and knowledgeable forager.

Launching Soon

Wild Food Mentor will open its doors at the beginning of March 2023. Just in time for the arrival of Spring.