Explore the beauty of Britain’s meadows, woodlands, and hedgerows.

These natural landscapes hold hidden stories in the form of plants and flowers. They’re not just greenery; they have ancient tales of nourishment and healing to share.

But here’s the practical question: How do you know which plants are safe and which aren’t? How do you actually connect with these green beings?

Meet Robin Harford, your guide in the world of foraging.

I’m Robin Harford, the person behind Eatweeds, and I know a thing or two about foraging in the UK.

I didn’t start my journey in the heart of nature, but in the digital wilderness of the early internet days. Over time, I realized that I craved the serenity of the natural world, just like you might.

Recognized by BBC Countryfile and known as a bestselling author, I decided to document the wisdom of wild edible plants from various cultures.

My teachings cut through the scientific jargon and formal education.

My approach to foraging is simple: be present in the moment. Observe, pay attention, and connect with your environment.

This isn’t about studying plants in a classroom. It’s about experiencing nature firsthand.

Our journey isn’t just about identifying plants; it’s about understanding their role in the ecosystem.

I’ll help you gain confidence in the wild and learn to spot edible and medicinal plants that often go unnoticed.

We’ll also explore sustainable harvesting methods, making your connection with nature enriching and fulfilling.

This expedition will turn your walks into learning experiences.

It’s a revival of our ancient wisdom, where land knowledge was a shared heritage.

Are you ready to learn the art of safe, sustainable foraging? To uncover the stories hidden within every leaf, berry, and root?

If you are, take the first step. Join me on this journey as we rediscover the language of the wild, together.