Eatweeds Oakmeal Special Offer


  • 1 copy of Marcie Mayer’s Eating Acorns book.
  • 1 bag of freshly cold-processed acorn flour 350g
  • 1 FREE Acorn Fruit Chew 45g.

Price for this ‘Oakmeal Bundle’ is €45 and includes FREE shipping ONLY to the UK.

International postage will be applied to non-UK countries. Rates vary depending on your location, please ask Marcie when using the link below.

How to Order

Please contact Marcie Mayer, and tell her that you want to take advantage of the ‘Eatweeds Oakmeal Bundle’ (includes the items listed above).

IMPORTANT: Give her the coupon code: EATWEEDS

P.S. Marcie will then email you a PayPal money request and once you have paid it, your order will be dispatched.