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Frank Cook Herbalist

This Forager Has a Lot to Answer For…

You may or may not know that I never intended to teach foraging. Back in 2008 I met a man called Frank Cook. Frank was extraordinary. Not only as a plant walker, but as a human being too. Much of what

Guelder Rose Recipe

This Divine Wild Jelly Is An Absolute Must

Yesterday I told you about Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus), and my desire to make it into a jelly. Well last night I finished the recipe. As the jars where cooling down, I wondered whether I would simply

Guelder Rose Jelly Recipe

Try This Exquisite Guelder Rose Jelly Recipe

This Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) jelly recipe is quite simply divine. The plant is deciduous, and usually found in hedgerows, scrub and woodlands. It favours damp places and can be found along streams,

Guelder Rose

The Wild Super Fruit That Smells Of Old Socks

I went out yesterday with my beloved on a quest for some lush rose hips. The sun was shining, the breeze cool, church bells ringing out in the distance, and the human world quiet and calm. It reminded


The Awesomeness of Acorns

Each morning I go outside and ponder the old oak that stands on the side of the road. Each morning I say a blessing to it. I’m beginning to shift my understanding of plants, even big plants like trees.

Elderberry Nettle Honey Cordial Recipe

Elderberry & Nettle Honey Elixir

With Autumn definitely on its way, and the sun starts setting early, now is the perfect time to give you body a boost with this delicious, nourishing and health-boosting elixir. I’ve been making

Wild Fungi Craig Worrall

Episode 10: The Wild & Wonderful World of Fungi

A walk in the woods fungi foraging with the wild and wonderful Craig Worrall from Edible Leeds. I recently visited Craig at his home in Leeds, and he kindly took me out to one of his favourite fungi patches

Francois Couplan Forager

Episode 9: Interview With A Foraging Grand Master

Crawling at 5mph it took me ages to drive up the dusty, pot-holed road that led into the depths of wildness where foraging grand master Francois Couplan lives hidden in the depths of Provence, France. If

Mulberry Fruit Tree

Mulberry Tree : Uses & Identification of Morus spp.

A short video walking you through how to identify a Mulberry Tree, along with its uses.

Japanese Rosehip Identification

Japanese Rosehip : Uses & Identification of Rosa rugosa

A quick video showcasing the exquisite culinary use for Japanese Rosehip ( Rosa rugosa). Rosehip Resources: Funky Facts You Need To Know About Rosehips Rosehip Soup Recipe With Roasted Chilli & Smoked