Pineapple Guava

Scientific Name: Feijoa sellowiana
Family: Myrtaceae

The ripe fruits pack a tasty tropical punch, blending the sweet flavours of pineapple and strawberry.

Their delightful aroma fills any room with fruity essence.

Eating them fresh makes for a delightful snack, but they shine in desserts like pies, cakes, and jams.

The flower petals add a nice spicy-sweet kick.

Sprinkle them on fruit salads or nibble them straight.

Harvest the fruits once they start softening for the best texture and flavour.


  1. In New Zealand they are one of our most popular fruits and are everywhere in autumn. Unfortunately, as they are frost tender they don’t tend to fruit very well in the UK. I have never tried the petals but will next time I see one in flower. The fruits are amazing, though they are like marmite, some people love them and others don’t. My mother used to say it was like eating perfume! Good for the digestion as well. One of the biggest things I miss from NZ

  2. it’s also called Pineapple Guava, it grows in Seattle. Best place to grow it is in the sunniest warmest part of the yard. In order to get fruit, at least 2 plants are needed to be nearby for pollination.

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