Rose Petal Honey

I’m in love with roses at the moment. I just can’t contain myself. I’m sniffing as many as I can, creating rose flavoured concoctions that would have angels sighing with delight, and if I could, I’d wear them as well.

I’m also avoiding sugar and wanted to create a recipe that mimicked the Ayurvedic tonic Gulkand which uses rose petals and sugar.

On this journey of petal discovery, I have found some to taste disgusting, and I really do mean utterly revolting, and then I find others that have me soaring into the stratosphere, my current favourite tasting rose petal is that of Rosa rugosa aka Red Japanese Rose which not only smells heavenly but tastes extraordinary.

Chances are you’ve walked by it many times. It’s the rose with the massive hip and is usually found in urban spaces.

Rose Petal Honey Recipe – Ingredients

  • 1 clean jar with screw top lid.
  • 1 jar of light, clear honey.
  • A tub of Rosa rugosa petals.

Rose Petal Honey Recipe – Instructions

  1. Finely chop the rose petals, the put into your empty jar and pour over the honey.
  2. Stir well, then allow to sit on a windowsill in sunlight. The petals will all rise to the top, so when they have, add more carefully stirring them in. You might think you have filled the jar up, but keep adding more until the honey and rose petal mixture is nearly overflowing. Cap and return to the windowsill.
  3. Add more petals if there is honey showing as the petals try and separate. It’s all a guesstimate with this recipe.
  4. Leave for a few weeks and then use on hot buttered toasted tea cakes or just plain toast. Stir into porridge, or for the wild and free, drizzle over your lover’s body and indulge.
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  1. That recipe sounds amazing and I am going to try it. Do they absolutely need to be rugosa petals or will other fragrant petals work too? I once read a recipe from Victorian times. Fragrant rose petals are placed on thin slices of butter and the pound of butter is put back together with wax paper between every slice. Leave in the fridge for a few days and you have rose scented butter! I haven’t tried making it yet so no guarantees!

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