Try This Delicious Rosehip Vinegar Recipe

With the abundance of Rosehips this year I decided to take advantage of them to create this unique tasting Rosehip vinegar recipe. Rosehip Vinegar is the perfect accompaniment to vegetables and salads as well as ham, smoked meats and fish and is the perfect addition to game sauces.

With Christmas looming, this makes a wonderful, beautiful gift for the foodies in your family. Use old bottles, corks etc to give your Rosehip vinegar recipe that ‘folksy’ look.

Rosehip Vinegar Recipe Ingredients

  • Rosehips
  • White wine vinegar
  • Bottle & Cap/Cork

Rosehip Vinegar Recipe Instructions

  1. Gather your Rosehips (preferably after a frost but in the UK that might not be until Feb or March, so instead freeze them, then defrost and use), then top and tail them and pierce each one numerous times with a pin. You DO NOT want to crush them as the hairs inside the hips are highly irritant to your throat and gut, and must not be consumed.
  2. Next pop them in your bottle until it is full, then pour on cold white wine vinegar.
  3. Cap and place in a cupboard for around 6-8 weeks, giving them a good shake occasionally.

Serves: As many dishes as the size of your bottle.

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