A Mouthwatering Pickled Sea Kale Recipe

Pickled Sea Kale is one of the delights during the foragers year. Although scarce throughout most of the UK, down in Dorset there is four miles of the stuff. So only make this Pickled Sea Kale recipe when you find a glut of the plant.

Perfect as a condiment on its own, pickled Sea Kale also goes well in salads or as an addition to a Wild Relish.

Pickled Sea Kale Recipe Ingredients

  • Young red sea kale stems
  • Cider vinegar
  • Muscavado sugar
  • Salt
  • Water

Pickled Sea Kale Recipe Instructions

  1. Blanch the Sea Kale stems in boiling salted water (1tbsp of sea salt for every pint of water) for roughly 20 seconds.
  2. Remove from hot water and immediately plunge into cold water, then remove and pat dry.
  3. Get a clean, sterilised jar and push the Sea Kale stems into the jar until it is full.
  4. Next add a good pinch of sea salt, some black peppercorns, a teaspoon of muscavado sugar, then pour over cider vinegar until the jar is full and the Sea Kale stems are covered.
  5. Shake and store in a cupboard for 3 months to mature.

Makes: As many jars as you have Sea Kale for.


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