Traditional Sloe Gin Recipe

This Sloe Gin recipe differs from the modern versions, in that traditionally very little sugar is used. This allows the true flavours of the sloes and gin to come through, rather than being masked by lots of sugar.

Not that the modern versions aren’t nice, they are. But this sloe gin recipe is a little bit different and takes us back to how we used to drink it back in the old days, when more folk lived closer to the land.

Traditional Sloe Gin Recipe Ingredients

  • 300g sloes (frozen)
  • 1litre gin
  • 4tbsp of sugar

Traditional Sloe Gin Recipe Instructions

  1. Take your frozen sloes and batter them with a rolling pin until smashed up, then transfer them to a Kilner jar.
  2. Add the sugar, and then pour in the gin.
  3. Shake vigourously and leave for a minimum of 3 months, but best if left for a year. Shake occasionally when you remember.
  4. Check the taste and if you feel like it, add more sugar if you think it needs it. But really this is a different Sloe Gin recipe to the one you are mostly used to.
  5. Strain and bottle for later use.

Makes: 1 litre


  1. Hi Robin,I’ve just picked my sloe berries and now going to pop them in the freezer over night and give your recipe a try.
    Now I’m off out to get some rose hips and make some rose hip syrup which I’ve already tried and is very good.

  2. A sloe gin recipe I found says that stones must be removed by six months, otherwise it leaches out the ? Arsenic.thus the cause of headaches if drunk then.I waited till first frost as my uncle always told me to do before picking the sloes this year,All my bushes were empty!!! I think the birds picked them.

  3. Love the way you advise to batter them with a rolling pin, Robin! Might try that this year instead of the usual pricking of each sloe with a needle or thorn… It’s a sloe process

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