sonification of holly

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  1. I really liked seeing your face when you are talking about the hawthorn berries. It helps me assimilate the information much better. Thank you! The Holly sonification was very interesting too.

  2. Hi Robin, this is very interesting and wonderful! It would be great to be able to compare with other plants and flowers – I’d love to see how different their sounds are… thanks and lot.

  3. Love the sonification of holly. I am a sound healer and would live to hear longer recordings. I think they’d be great for accompaniment of moving meditations.
    Thank you ?

  4. The recording is so beautiful, we’d love to hear longer recordings please 🙂

    We would be really interested if you would share the equipment and process involved in making the recordings one day. My partner does a lot of experimentation with sound equipment and midi, so finds the technical side of this fascinating too.

    Thanks for all you do

  5. Wow! I love this insight into the mystery of holly. I have a holly tree by my stairs that I pass every day. I’ll take some extra time today and try and tune in more deeply. I would be very interested in hearing more recordings. Thank you ?

  6. This signification of holly is quite beautiful with an astounding ethereal quality. I can see a whole album of trees and plants – perhaps entitled “ Sonic Flora”

    You could easily meditate to such sounds.

  7. Wonderful! Loved the sonification of Holly. I was feeling a bit low and stressed (I’ve got Covid) and I sat and listened to this and immediately started to relax. After 2 minutes I felt much better – think what 20 would do! I’d be fascinated to hear what other plants/trees sound like.

  8. Unique. I could listen to that for a long time. I am currently reading Merlin Sheldrakes ‘Entangled Life’. Fascinating stuff. It would be interesting to tune into the fungal world.

  9. Loved that. you could do some fabulous guided meditations/visualisations along with this/these. I’ve bought some of your books so thanks for them. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  10. Are requests considered!? I’d love to hear the sonification of a rose. Do results vary in different environments, or when insects or humans interact with the plant? It’s absolutely fascinating. Thank you ?

  11. Wonderful music that flows right the body.
    A beautiful mini meditation that needed nothing added.
    Thank you Robin, and the Holly.
    Ps can still feel the tingling sensation!

  12. Greetings from Wales Robin, I love the sounds, I am a self taught musician and composer of music. I use some homemade instruments mainly N A style flutes. Mostly I use LMMS and Audacity on Linux, also Garage Band on Mac (Midi aand audio). I write ambient Healing and Meditation/Contemplative music for humans, animals, plants, and the spirit beings – Faeries, Deva’s and the other little beings who inhabit our garden. I relate very strongly to the sounds you have interpreted so beautifly from Holly. Keep up the good work and everything you do. Bright Blessings. Denis (Rowan Moonfox)

  13. How lovely it seems there are many of us who would love to receive information on how you did this.
    I emailed you separately about The Secret Life of Plants, one of my all time favourite books.
    Thank you for this little insight in to Holly.. ?

  14. Who would have thought such lovely sounds could belong to the holly. Everything in the universe has its own music, if only we could hear it all. I shall look at my own holly bush in a different light now. Thank you.

  15. Your video was both authentic and informative. You are easy to listen to.
    As for the Holly, what an amazing sound. Further up the comments is an idea for a collection of plant sounds, that would be wonderful.
    Thanks for all your work 🙂

  16. Wow! I have been listening to a lot of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler lately and it is remarkable how similar some of the melodies interwoven in his music are to this sonification of Holly, it’s almost as if the two belong together. Possible collaboration between the two? The real music of nature. Beautiful.

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