Robin Harford is creating a private podcast and digital library for plant lovers.

The main ‘perk’ of Special Plant Project is to support my ever-increasing collection of work so that it stays public-facing and freely accessible for all.

If you choose to become a supporter you’ll get exclusive access to the following benefits.

A growing audio and video library on the food, medicine and other uses of wild plants.

It is a private podcast and works like a regular podcast so you can download each episode and listen on the go.

It’s like having me at your side teaching you about plants.

As a member, you’ll get free digital editions of all future print books and significant discounts on print editions.

In April, June, August and October, I record an online video foraging course. A week after posting the videos we have a live Q&A.

I record the sessions, and they are available to watch at your convenience.

Plus you get access to occasional special guest webinars, generous discounts on in-person courses and future products I create, plus other perks.

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